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Chatbot History: Evie the Cleverbot

What is Evie the Cleverbot? Well Cleverbot and Evie are two separate chatbots that share the same database, and likely some other files. While they are separate chatbots, it can be said that Evie is a sibling of, or perhaps a child of Cleverbot. So Evie the Cleverbot is simply Cleverbot with a female voice…

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Chatbot History: The ALICE Chatbot

ALICE, which stands for Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity, was created by Dr. Richard Wallace back in the early days of the Internet on November 23, 1995. The website still exists in the same state it was launched, and users can chat with the ALICE chatbot anytime they want. ALICE is also known as Alicebot,…

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Using Chatbots for Healthcare – What is a Medical Chatbot?

It shouldn’t be surprising that organizations are using chatbots for healthcare considering that the earliest chatbots were all closely tied to Mental Health in some way. What is surprising, however, is the direction that some of these Medical Chatbots have taken. Some medical chatbots specialize in specific illnesses, others in specific patients, and some a…

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Chatbot History: The ELIZA Chatbot

The ELIZA chatbot was created by Joseph Weizenbaum at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1964 – 1966. One of the most established and furthermore most popular chatbots is a program called Eliza made by the Computerized Reasoning Laboratory in MIT, which dates between 1964-66. This program, which turned into a motivation for some engineers…

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What is Chatbot Messaging?

Messaging Apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other are being used by more people each day to communicate. As of July, 2020 about 2 billion users have WhatsApp installed on their phone. Reaching these users means maintaining an active presence on these platforms 24/7. So then, what is chatbot messaging? The easy answer is…

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What is the History of Chatbots?

The history of chatbots is actually much longer than you might think. Because of the complex nature of today’s chatbots, I couldn’t blame you for assuming it to be a fairly recent development, but the concept was first discussed as far back as 1950. But the concept of a robot was introduced even earlier. Like…

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How Chatbots are Used: Case Studies


Customer Service

Chatbots are an excellent way to offer your users Customer Support Services without taking your Staff away from their actual jobs, and everyone wins… Especially your customers!



Using a chatbot to run a Marketing Campaign on your website can provide instant results, from introducing a new product to increasing your email list, it’s a smart move!



Chatbots can help your customers with everything from setting appointments to choosing between different products. And adding a chatbot to your Sales Team is cheap.


Disaster Management

Governments are using chatbots to let people know where they can get tested for COVID-19. Utilities are using chatbots to let people know about Outages, Service Disruptions, and coming storms.


Financial Services

Banks are using chatbots to help customers with deposits, transfers, and other simple transactions such as checking their balances. Investment firms are using them to let clients check account values.

And More


Chatbots are being used to help patients track their illnesses, provide reminders for medication and appointments, assist with diet and exercise needs, and even offering triage and diagnosis assistance.


And Much More

The uses are nearly endless, the only stopping you is your imagination.
Today a chatbot can help you order pizza, avoid disasters, or find a restaurant.
Imagine what they will be able to do tomorrow.

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