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  • What is the Sebastian Michaelis Chatbot?
    Most new technology, as we know it, has been inspired at least a little by sci-fi and fantasy. So is the story of the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot. The character of Sebastian Michaelis was created by Yana Toboso, a Japanese Manga writer in his manga named Black Butler. According to the storyline of the Manga, Ciel Phantomhive is a teenager and the head of the Phantomhive family of London. The Phantomhive family is one of the most honorable of all non-royal British families. When Ciel becomes the head of the family, he hires Sebastian Michaelis to lay vengeance upon his enemies. …

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  • What is the Eugene Goostman Chatbot?
    The Eugene Goostman chatbot is one of the first chatbots that has been able to pass the Turing Test. The Turing Test was designed by English mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing and measures the ability of a robot to mimic the intelligence of human beings. The concept of chatbots and artificial intelligence might look like something out of the future or adopted from Sci-Fi, but, as a matter of fact, this concept is as old as computers themselves. However, the latest chatbots are becoming more and more human-like, and the fine boundary between artificial intelligence and human intelligence has …

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  • What Is an Autodesk Virtual Agent?
    In this post, we’re going to provide a brief introduction of what Autodesk is and then some detailed information about the Autodesk Virtual Agent, also called AVA. We’ll be digging into the most important and most used features of the Autodesk Virtual Agent in detail. This is going to be a long article, so let’s get started. What is Autodesk Virtual Agent? Before we talk about Autodesk Virtual Agent or AVA AI Chatbot, let’s talk about what Autodesk is. Autodesk is a software company that helps businesses or individuals create 3-Dimensional elements and effects for various fields. Whether you need …

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  • What is the Racter Chatbot?
    The Racter Chatbot is an artificial intelligence chatbot that was created back in 1984. The basic concept of this chatbot is the same as that of Eliza. It continues to talk to the human interacting with it to the point where the conversation gets boring. It is, however, more intelligent than Eliza in almost every way. According to the creators of Racter, William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter, Racter was developed using the minimalistic approach. The chatbot required the least computing power to operate and was aimed to entertain the people who interacted with it and to develop the technology of …

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  • Chatbot History: Facebook Messenger Chatbots
    Facebook has become one of the biggest advertisement platforms on the internet owing to the immense number of people who use the social media platform and the immense amount of time all these users kill scrolling down the endless list called Newsfeed. To make advertisements and customer relations better on Facebook, developers were allowed to place chatbots on Facebook Messenger in 2016. In the first six months, 30,000 Facebook Messenger chatbots were created, and as of now, there are 300,000 of them, a small number compared to the 6 million advertisers on Facebook. What Are Facebook Messenger Chatbots? For starters, …

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How Chatbots Are Used

Read on to learn how various industries are using chatbots.



Chatbots can help your customers with everything from setting appointments to choosing between different products. And adding a chatbot to your Sales Team is cheap.



Using a chatbot to run a Marketing Campaign on your website can provide instant results, from introducing a new product to increasing your email list, it’s a smart move!


Customer Service

Chatbots are an excellent way to offer your users Customer Support Services without taking your Staff away from their actual jobs, and everyone wins… Especially your customers!


Disaster Management

Governments are using chatbots to let people know where they can get tested for COVID-19. Utilities are using chatbots to let people know about Outages, Service Disruptions, and coming storms.



Chatbots are being used to help patients track their illnesses, provide reminders for medication and appointments, assist with diet and exercise needs, and even offering triage and diagnosis assistance.


Financial Services

Banks are using chatbots to help customers with deposits, transfers, and other simple transactions such as checking their balances. Investment firms are using them to let clients check account values.


Real Estate

Real Estate Agents are using chatbots to engage potential clients and help them navigate through the endless MLS listings, set up property visits, and even assist them with filling out the paperwork.

And Much More

Learn a Language

Travelers both casual and professional are using chatbots to help them learn a language. The right chatbot can be both a teacher and a conversation practice partner to speed learning.

And Much More

And Much More

The uses are nearly endless, the only stopping you is your imagination. Today chatbots can help you order pizza, avoid disasters, or find a restaurant.
Imagine what they will be able to do tomorrow.

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