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Welcome to YakBots, a website all about chatbots and the various ways they can be used. Yes, it’s an interesting name. But I figured that Yak means Chat so it did everything I needed it to do, and had fun doing it, so the name YakBots was born. My past life and career as a Graphic Designer and Marketer means I am forced to have fun with things like the names of Businesses I am involved with, otherwise, what’s the point?

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, I was talking about YakBots, well I’ll get back to that.

About YakBots - a drawing of a friendly robot.

All About YakBots – Why Did I Start the Website?

I started the website to try and help others that were going through the process of trying to decide whether they needed a chatbot. I got into chatbots the same way most people do, I ran across them as a customer on the website of a large company. It was frustrating initially because that first chatbot wasn’t well programmed. As time went on though, better-programmed chatbots were introduced and my interactions with them became more pleasant.

Now, believe it or not, I often wish I could deal with them in real life instead of dealing with some of the people I have to interact with. I’ll be writing a lot of articles about chatbots, including a focus on the history of chatbots and how science fiction influenced chatbot development. I’ll also focus on what chatbots are and what they can do, and there will be a few of the more interesting examples of how they are being used in a variety of industries.

Sean Proposing to Julie at Multnomah Falls in Oregon

Almost All About Sean

I’m married to a wonderful (and thankfully forgiving) woman and we live in Seattle with our two dogs Zoey and Ruby. I’m what you might call a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started several businesses over the years and sold a few of them. The photo above was taken right before I proposed to her at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Fun fact, when I pulled out the ring, she shouted, “I knew it!” Yeah, I can’t get anything past her.

Recently, some health issues have forced me to take some time off. What sort of health issues you may be wondering? Well, everything started with a major car accident in 1990, but I won’t go into that except to say I have some neurological issues as a result that include chronic migraines, which causes an occasional seizure, and at times what I call “slow brain” – these are periods of anywhere from a few minutes to a few days where my functioning is seriously reduced. Since I’m still dealing with these same health issues, there may be times when the website content comes a little slower than expected, or when I take a little longer to answer emails. I appreciate your patience during these times.

Passion Led Us Here - to the YakBots Website

Why Did I Create YakBots?

I decided to create the website to try and help others that were going through the process of trying to decide whether they needed a chatbot, what sort of chatbot they might need, and whether they wanted to develop their own chatbot or use a service. I figured since I had already gone through the process multiple times with other clients and with several of my own websites, I could put that knowledge together somewhere and help a few people. I’ve tried to organize the website in a way that makes sense also, the main content is organized into just three major categories:

  • The Basics: For those just starting out
  • Choosing a Chatbot Service: For those who are looking for a service, or aren’t sure if they want to use a service
  • Building Your Own: For those taking the leap and building their own Chatbot.

For the last category, I’ll be calling on some real experts to help me out. After all, I know my own limitations and I know there are quite a few people out there that understand chatbots and AI far better than I ever will.

Do Something Great - More About YakBots

The Goal of YakBots

I’m hoping that through YakBots, I can help a few people speed the decision-making process about whether they need a chatbot by explaining what they can do for you and your business. I’m also hoping I can convince a few people that using a service is probably the right way to go because it lets you have the benefits of the chatbot without having to spend the time and energy developing all the code. Finally, for those that want to develop their own chatbot from scratch, I’m hoping I can help them do so without making as many mistakes as they would otherwise.

I’m also hoping that the site can offer some decent information and advice along the way about chatbots and how they can be used in new and interesting ways. If you need a hand with something chatbot related, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to try and help you out.

Best regards,
Sean Bennick
Founder YakBots.com

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