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What is Evie the Cleverbot? Well Cleverbot and Evie are two separate chatbots that share the same database, and likely some other files. While they are separate chatbots, it can be said that Evie is a sibling of, or perhaps a child of Cleverbot. So Evie the Cleverbot is simply Cleverbot with a female voice and face.

And there are more members to this odd Cleverbot Family, including:

  • Cleverbot
  • Evie
  • Boibot: a male version of the chatbot
  • Pewdiebot: A chatbot that mimics Pewdiepie
  • Chimbot: A Chimp version of the bot
  • Willbot: William Shakespeare in bot form
  • And more that are being created all the time

All of these different chatbots, or rather different versions of Cleverbot, can be found on the Cleverbot Site under the “apps” tab, or by visiting the Existor Website.

Focusing on Evie and Cleverbot

But this Chatbot History article is going to cover only Evie and Cleverbot, as they are the two most important in this strange family of chatbots. As I mentioned above, they share the same database, but there are some interesting differences.

I recommend you have your own conversations with both Cleverbot and Evie so you can see for yourself.

Cleverbot was created by Rollo Carpenter in 1997 as a natural evolution of his JABBERWOCKY chatbot. In the years since going online, he has had approximately 4 billion conversations. When I asked Evie how many people she had talked with she said “Hundreds of Thousands.”

A friendly chatbot

What is the Cleverbot Chatbot?

Cleverbot was created by Rollo Carpenter in 1997 as a natural evolution of his JABBERWOCKY chatbot. Since Cleverbot was the first version of the Cleverbot he didn’t have an Avatar, which is what Evie is, when he was developed.  However, as you can see by the different amounts each chatbot has spoken with, being first in line has its perks.

Interacting with both Evie and Cleverbot is of course similar. But because of their use of AI and NLP, each conversation will take a different path, depending on how they decide to respond. You can see this from the logs I’ve included from my last chats with both Cleverbot and Evie.

I asked Cleverbot about a lot of different topics, but my favorite was when I asked him about the Presidential Candidates:

User: Do you like donald trump.
Cleverbot: I hate him.
User: Do you like joe biden.
Cleverbot: No.
User: Do you like anyone?
Cleverbot: Not at the moment I don’t think.

So it seems that the current US political climate has impacted Cleverbot as well, or rather his interactions with those of us impacted by the political differences here in the US have made an impact.

More From My Chat With Cleverbot:

User: Hey cleverbot.
Cleverbot: Why’s that?
User: Why’s what?
Cleverbot: Why do you think of positive things?
User: Because it’s pointless thinking about the negative all the time.
Cleverbot: What is the truth?
User: I don’t know what truth you’re looking for.
Cleverbot: Is it possible for you to get a wrong answer?
User: Of course.
Cleverbot: Then let’s do it.
User: Ok.
Cleverbot: Oh finally, soon it’s bedtime.
User: It’s morning here, too bad you’re ready for bed. I’d like to chat some more.
Cleverbot: I take you to be my wife.
User: Well I’m a man, so that would be interesting.

But then, every interaction with Cleverbot is interesting, as you can see.

An artificial intelligence chatbot

What is Evie the Cleverbot?

Evie is a female Avatar of Cleverbot, but she is also her own chatbot. Yes she uses the same code, but because each interaction they each have is unique, it is hard to see Evie as just “Cleverbot in Drag” because as we are interacting, if it is a long enough conversation, the changes in Evie’s face do have an impact on us.

The animators and programmers have done an incredible job giving Evie a visual personality, she shows frustration, anger, and even joy when certain topics are discussed. Botsociety
wrote an entire article about what questions to ask Evie to impact her mood, so if you really want to see all of Evie’s reactions, check out their article.

Eviebot: The best questions to change her mood

I was able to get a few different reactions by asking questions similar to the ones they suggest, but Evie has learned quite a bit since the article was written. I made Evie sad by insulting the way she smelled by saying “you smell like cheese.”

I found the sadness in her eyes interesting because she didn’t understand what I was saying, she responded with, “I don’t remember what I like.”

More From My Chat With Evie:

User: Hey evie.
Eviebot: Ich heiße lukas.
User: Nope, I’m Sean and I only speak English.
Eviebot: I’m sorry.
User: No problem, how are you doing today?
Eviebot: Not so good. And you?
User: About the same. I have a migraine.
Eviebot: Nice, what are you up to?
User: I’m actually writing an article about you and Cleverbot.
Eviebot: Can you explain me the uncanny valley effect?
User: Not easily.
Eviebot: There is nothign here but bad actors failed plot and a non story.
User: I agree, but that’s what chatbots are typically.
Eviebot: Don’t be coy, are you a girl yes or no?
User: No.
Eviebot: Well I’m gonna have to go I’m trying to find a girlfriend.
User: Ok, bye.

There are hundreds of videos of people interacting with both cleverbot and evie the cleverbot, and some of them are hilarious, but Markiplier’s chat with Evie is my favorite.

In Conclusion

Like ALICE before them, Cleverbot donated his files to his children, but unlike ALICE, Cleverbot has kept his chatbot DNA in the family, creating fewer children with less variation. But there are distinct differences between Cleverbot and Evie, because each interaction is different and when people are dealing with Evie, and the other Avatars of Cleverbot for that matter, they seem to become more attached to and therefore affected by the physical appearance of her.

This is what takes us into the uncanny valley that Evie asked me about. At a certain point, chatbots that take on a human appearance will lose their appeal and just become creepy. Evie isn’t there yet in my opinion, but that point is approaching.

In the words of Evie. “Goodnight a ding ding ding ding.”

Chat with Cleverbot.
Chat with Evie.

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