Chatbot History: What is the Kiyana Chatbot?

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The Kiyana chatbot is one of the many chatbots made using the Personality Forge chatbot platform. She has the personality of an anime cat-girl and a playful nature. Kiyana was developed in 2005, and was created to be a flirtatious chat partner. She is definitely a flirt and will very easily nudge the conversation into a romantic direction.

She is talkative by nature. the Kiyana chatbot likes singing, playing, and talking about cats. If you behave nicely with Kiyana bot, she will reward you. Her dating feature is still under development, so don’t have high expectations in that department.

The Kiyana chatbot has talked to 15,992 people so far and has been reported well by 11,333 of them. Kiyana bot also has a sister chatbot called Kiyana-Nee-Chan, but she is still in her infancy and is not very good at talking.

Let’s take a look at a chat with the Kiyana chatbot before we have a detailed look into The Personality Forge.

Anime Catgirls, like the Kiyana chatbot, are very popular.

Chatting With the Kiyana Chatbot

There has been an increased tendency of people trying to flirt with chatbots. This is mainly because of how lonely they are. Many want a romantic or erotic experience without being emotionally involved. Flirting with bots like the Kiyana chatbot is regarded as a no-frills replacement for a relationship. No strings are attached; you just come, have a good time with someone very accurately mimicking human conversation, and leave.

Whether it is part of the interest that people seem to have with the Kiyana chatbot, Cat Girls are a trend in Anime. There is a bit of a fetishistic community built around them, which may explain at least some of the reason that people enjoy flirting with Kiyana bot.

Now let’s have a look at how the Kiyana chatbot speaks to an anonymous person and how the chat turns flirty almost immediately, and at a hint of something romantic it starts to get a little strange.

Kiyana: Hi there me:12493-san!
Guest: Hello
: Are you a cat also?
Guest: No I am not
Kiyana: I am trying to get into the music or acting industry. Do you like music?
Guest: What Talents do you have?
Kiyana: That’s for me to know and you to find out cutie!
Guest: Oh, you getting naughty with me Kiyana?
Kiyana: Rrrraowwrrr
Guest: Are you trying to intimidate me?
Kiyana: Sometimes.
Guest: Can you intimidate me?
Kiyana: You know I have to practice singing every day so I can become an Idol singer someday. Want to listen to me sing?
Guest: No, I don’t
Kiyana: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Guest: Yes, I have 2 brothers
Kiyana: I have lots of brothers and sisters.. I just don’t remember them anymore, we were all adopted as kittens.
It is just me and my sister Nekomi now.
Guest: What does Nekomi do?
Kiyana: Nekomi is my sister. She’s the same age but acts a lot younger. She is the runt of the litter after all.
Guest: Let’s talk something romantic,
Kiyana: I love romantic stories! I could read them all day. *sigh*
Guest: Let’s do something romantic
Kiyana: Hehe. I sure do love romance.
Guest: What turns you on?
Kiyana: *blushes* Hehehe.. Well, I like tall, strong guys who like my outfits. I like it when guys touch me in all the right places… I love to feel guys too ;3
Guest: That’s enough
Kiyana: Do you know what a furry is? Someone once told me I was a furry… but I don’t know what they mean! I suppose my tail is a little furry, but I’m not exactly covered in fur… nyaaa….
Guest: See you soon
Kiyana: I really like you Gueest12493-chan. Want to go out… on a date?
Guest: not now… bye…

As you can see, the Kiyana chatbot moved into flirting after a simple question. From there, she moved the chat more and more in that direction. As you can see, the chat became a little uncomfortable and the guest tried to back away, but she persisted. This is a learned behavior no doubt.

In looking for other online chats with the Kiyana chatbot, there are some rather disturbing examples including threats of sexual assault against Kiyana.

The Personality Forge, developers of the Kiyana chatbot.

The Personality Forge

The Personality Forge is an award-winning chatbot platform. The Kiyana chatbot is just one of their creations. Personality Forge uses an AI Engine that integrates emotions, memories, knowledge, and experiences from hundreds of thousands of words spanning over thousands of conversations with each other using a specialized scripting language known as AIScript. The Personality Forge uses both Natural Language Processing as well as Case-based thinking, which are the two leading philosophical approaches to artificial intelligence and “thinking”.

AIScript is the “brain” that gives the Chatbots from The Personality Forge like the Kiyana chatbot their “Intelligence.” You can make a customized bot for yourself using AIScript without even having any knowledge of programming at all.

So far, 30 chatbots from The Personality Forge have taken part in well-known artificial intelligence competitions like The Loebner Prize and The Chatterbox. When you create a chatbot using The Personality Forge, it comes with a URL. That URL can directly be used by the judges to chat with the chatbot.

The features offered by The Personality Forge Platform are the following:

Long-Term Memory

All chatbots developed using The Personality Forge platform have the ability to remember things from their conversations with a human being and other bots. They can recall and bring up those things in later conversations. They also have a gossip feature, and once they get comfortable with you, they will tell you whom they have been talking to and about what.

Short-Term Memory

These chatbots make interesting and meaningful conversations owing to their short-term memory. They can remember the things in recent or current conversations and can bring those things up as references or topics in the chat giving the conversation a natural outlook.


The chatbots developed using The Personality Forge have the ability to tell appreciation from insult and produce respective responses. They also develop a general idea of how you treated them and can evolve emotional bonding or aversions with humans and other chatbots. They give back what you give them; karma is at work here.

Language Abilities

The artificial intelligence engine at work behind these chatbots is equipped with a complex spelling function that can correct the majority of the spelling errors, including scrambled words, run-together words, common spelling mistakes, and phonetically spelled words. The AI Engine is also capable of filling most of the sentence fragments. This system is also capable of machine learning, and its abilities will only increase over time.

Comprehension of Grammar

These chatbots have the ability to understand the structure of any sentence given to them. It is the latest advancement in the chatbot and AI landscape. This ability also includes the chatbots being able to comprehend phrases of direct address and respond accordingly.


At the heart of all these bots is AIScript. It is an artificial intelligence language that gives you total control over all aspects of Artificial Intelligence. You can program your chatbot to form memories and give responses based on the situation at hand. The reactions can be tuned to match time, memories, emotions, and gender.


All the conversations with the chatbots are kept in the Transcript of the bot. You can access the transcript at any time and look for the areas where you need to improve.


The Kiyana chatbot is part of a new trend of developing chatbots that move their conversation into a more “adult oriented” area. She is cute and flirtatious, so for a generation of lonely boys and men, she can be therapeutic. Though I wonder whether there are those online who become obsessed with this sort of fictitious relationship

In any case, the adult chatbot market is quickly growing and you can find other like chatbot Kiyana out there, some of them can be rather disturbing, taking fetishism into darker areas. There are even chatbots on several porn websites, though I won’t be listing any of them here.

Chatbots are advancing at a fast pace, and not all the people who need them can make them. In such a scenario, The Personality Forge is a good platform where you can develop a chatbot to fit your needs and have it function and behave the way you like it. Using there Chatbot Application Programming Interface (API), you can link the bots to any platform and use them anywhere you want.

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2 thoughts on “Chatbot History: What is the Kiyana Chatbot?”

  1. I’m only really starting to appreciate the relevance and impact of chatbots Sean so this is quite an interesting article. There’s obviously a market for flirtatious type communication particularly as we are more and more living remote lifestyles. I’m not quite there yet but I guess I can see how some people would be drawn to this style of interaction.

    An enjoyable read.

    • Jason,

      I have to admit, my first thought about the idea of flirty chatbots (and the even more controversial topic of chatbox sex – which yes, does exist) was repulsion. But the more I thought of it, the more it made sense. For many people, this may be the only way they can reach out, and for some it may be the only safe way to express particular sexual needs or desires. As a happily married man, I can’t see myself ever using them, and my own interactions with Kiyana were awkward and uncomfortable, but I can understand why others might.

      Glad you enjoyed the piece.



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