Chatbot History: What is SmarterChild

SmarterChild talking about his dreams.

SmarterChild was an Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbot created by ActiveBuddy Inc. in 2000. It was designed to be a commercial instant messaging bot and was the first one of its kind. When it was active, the SmarterChild chatbot had a total of 30 million people in its “IM Buddy” list. … Read more

Chatbot History: The ARPANET is created

A map of the ARPANET in 1974

The ARPANET was the grandfather of the internet as we know it today.  It was a project initiated by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), now known as DARPA, a subsidiary of the United States Department of Defense. It was the world’s very first wide-area packet-switching network and the start … Read more

Chatbot History: Chatterbot Julia

Chatterbot Julia, an early AI chatbot, was an influential verbot.

Chatterbot Julia was the creation of Dr. Michael Mauldin, the founder of the Lycos Search Engine, in 1991. It was notable not only for competing in the Loebner Prize, but for being the first use of the word “chatterbot” which developed naturally into the term chatbot that we use today. … Read more

What Is the Enigma Machine? What You Need To Know

The Enigma Machine on display in a museum.

World War II was a period of extreme social and political upheaval and drastic changes in the economy of countries, not to mention that it was the cause of countless atrocities from which humanity has yet to recover from. The plight-inducing environment of World War II was also the cause … Read more

Chatbot History: The HeX Chatbot and MegaHAL

Tin toy robots on a shelf.

The HeX chatbot was developed by Jason Hutchens in 1996. It was based on ELIZA, which was a computer program capable of processing natural language and was active from 1964 to 1966. It worked by using “pattern matching” technology and was able to generate natural speech. Hutchens took part in … Read more

Virtual Assistants: What is Apple Siri

A man wearing an Apple Smart Watch asking Apple Siri a question.

The Apple Siri chatbot is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant software that comes with almost all of Apple’s products, including their iPhones, Apple TV, iPads, MacBooks, desktop computers, various smart home products by Apple, and their smart wearables. Unlike most of Apple’s products and software, Siri was not developed originally … Read more

What Is the Loebner Prize?

A closeup of The Loebner Prize Medal.

Competitions take place all over the world every year in different fields from sporting events to spelling bees, and winners are announced after careful evaluation by the judges. The history of competitions is very rich as well and has been a part of various cultures globally. As you might expect, … Read more

Chatbot History: Microsoft’s Xiaoice Chatbot or Xiaolce

Microsoft's Xiaoice Chatbot, an emotionally intelligent virtual teenage girl.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice chatbot, sometimes called Xiaolce, is an artificially intelligent system created by Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia on July 6, 2010. The chatbot part of Xiaoice was released in 2014 and is based on an emotional computation network. Xiaoice combines a number of different AI services, one of which … Read more

Who Invented The Chatbot? Everything You Need to Know!

The History of Chatbots - from the first description through the Virtual Assistants of today

In this article, we’ll take a look at who invented the chatbot, but before we do that, I want to provide a little background. Chatbots are a fascinating and genius invention of the 21st century and have reshaped our AI domain and our very intuitions about what machines can do. … Read more

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