Using Chatbots for Financial Services

A man using a chatbot app to transfer money into an investment account.

The banking, insurance, financial services, and the investing sector are ever-changing, and using chatbots for financial services is one of the more recent changes. The use of artificial intelligence in almost every sector is increasing, and customers’ expectations are as well. The growth of the internet means that customers are not limited to using their … Read more

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Using Chatbots for Alternative Communication During Disasters

Floodwaters cover a sign during a hurricane.

With the exponential increase of AI-powered machines, it is about time to think about how AI and machine language can make a positive impact on our lives. Using chatbots for alternative communication during disasters can assist governments and organizations in getting emergency care and shelters where they are needed. Disaster management situations are one of … Read more

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Using Chatbots for Marketing

Is there a chatbot i can talk to? A friendly robot waiting for instructions.

Unless you have gone MIA for the past year, you must have heard about everyone’s favorite buzzword in the marketing industry: ‘conversational marketing’. Using chatbots for marketing has been getting a considerable amount of attention during the past few years due to their amazing performance. The idea of chatbot marketing can be a little confusing … Read more

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Using Chatbots for Customer Service

Using chatbots for customer service: a definitive guide.

Chatbots for Customer Service The number of companies using chatbots for customer service is increasing daily. Along with artificial intelligence, this has redefined the customer service industry like never before. From live chats and virtual searches to automated messages, AI allows the companies to support their consumers better by catering to them with exceptional customer … Read more

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Using Chatbots for Real Estate

Photo showing a pool in the backyard of a home for sale - using chatbots for real estate.

Chatbots have found their way into almost every industry, so it should come as no surprise that people are using chatbots for real estate. Real Estate Agents and companies are using them to communicate with potential clients outside of their usual business hours and learn more about the buyer’s needs. In the National Association of … Read more

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Using Chatbots for Healthcare – What is a Medical Chatbot?

Medical Chatbot, using chatbots for healthcare.

It shouldn’t be surprising that organizations are using chatbots for healthcare considering that the earliest chatbots were all closely tied to Mental Health in some way. What is surprising, however, is the direction that some of these Medical Chatbots have taken. Some chatbots for healthcare specialize in specific illnesses, others in specific patients, and some … Read more

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