The Lego Ralph Chatbot: All You Need to Know

The Lego Ralph Chatbot

The Lego Ralph Chatbot is one of the best examples of a Sales and Marketing Chatbot. Facebook has lately become more of a marketplace and advertisement space than a social media platform. No brand exists on the earth without a proper presence on Facebook. When you are on Facebook, potential customers and clients naturally want … Read more

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What is the Elbot Chatbot? Everything You Need to Know

The Elbot Chatbot.

The Elbot Chatbot is a highly advanced and sophisticated chatbot developed by the tech company Artificial Solutions, one of the leading firms carrying out research on conversational AI. Launched in 2001, Elbot is one of the more interesting AI chatbots available online. Before we get too deep into Elbot and all its quirks and features, … Read more

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Microsoft Clippy Office Assistant

Microsoft Clippy, also known as Clippit and officially called Office Assistant.

Microsoft Clippy, also known as Clippit, and officially called Office Assistant, was an intelligent user interface for Microsoft Office. It assisted the users in a number of interactive ways by appearing as a character on the Office applications and offering help related to various options of the Office Software. It was made available in the … Read more

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What is the Eugene Goostman Chatbot?

The Eugene Goostman chatbot was one of the first to pass the Turing Test.

The Eugene Goostman chatbot is one of the first chatbots that has been able to pass the Turing Test. The Turing Test was designed by English mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing and measures the ability of a robot to mimic the intelligence of human beings. The concept of chatbots and artificial intelligence might look … Read more

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What Is an Autodesk Virtual Agent?

The Autodesk Virtual Agent is a useful tool for any user of Autodesk.

In this post, we’re going to provide a brief introduction of what Autodesk is and then some detailed information about the Autodesk Virtual Agent, also called AVA. We’ll be digging into the most important and most used features of the Autodesk Virtual Agent in detail. This is going to be a long article, so let’s … Read more

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What is the Racter Chatbot?

The Racter Chatbot Opening Screen.

The Racter Chatbot is an artificial intelligence chatbot that was created back in 1984. The basic concept of this chatbot is the same as that of Eliza. It continues to talk to the human interacting with it to the point where the conversation gets boring. It is, however, more intelligent than Eliza in almost every … Read more

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Chatbot History: Facebook Messenger Chatbots

A woman chatting with a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Facebook has become one of the biggest advertisement platforms on the internet owing to the immense number of people who use the social media platform and the immense amount of time all these users kill scrolling down the endless list called Newsfeed. To make advertisements and customer relations better on Facebook, developers were allowed to … Read more

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Virtual Assistants: Microsoft Cortana Chatbot

Microsoft Cortana is a Virtual Assistant that connects to Microsoft's Windows OS.

A little while ago, a race started in which every tech company wanted to integrate some sort of voice interaction service in their devices and operating systems. It was the age that gave us Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. Microsoft didn’t want to be left behind in that competition, so they responded with … Read more

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Chatbot History: The Nadia Chatbot

The Nadia Chatbot, one of the first to understand and react to human emotions.

The Nadia chatbot was an incredible project that sadly ended before it truly started. People are starting to accept the idea of non-living things being intelligent, but society is not yet ready to accept that machines can possess emotional intelligence. Like it or not, machines are able to detect, identify, and even show emotions as … Read more

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Virtual Assistants: The Facebook M Chatbot

The Facebook M Virtual Assistant.

Facebook might not be the biggest innovator in the tech world, but they do eventually catch up with what their competitors and sometimes they even come up with refined versions of what others are doing. A classic example of that is introducing the concept of stories in WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Such is the case … Read more

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