Virtual Assistants: Google Assistant and Google Nest

Google Assistant connects with a number of Google Nest products.

Chatbots are everywhere these days and being one of the biggest players in the tech world, Google had to step up. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google that is available on all Android devices, and it is arguably the world’s most advanced personal assistant. Google Home, now called Google Nest, is Google’s … Read more

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Chatbot History: What is SmarterChild

SmarterChild talking about his dreams.

SmarterChild was an Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbot created by ActiveBuddy Inc. in 2000. It was designed to be a commercial instant messaging bot and was the first one of its kind. When it was active, the SmarterChild chatbot had a total of 30 million people in its “IM Buddy” list. It was the most famous … Read more

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Chatbot History: Chatterbot Julia

Chatterbot Julia, an early AI chatbot, was an influential verbot.

Chatterbot Julia was the creation of Dr. Michael Mauldin, the founder of the Lycos Search Engine, in 1991. It was notable not only for competing in the Loebner Prize, but for being the first use of the word “chatterbot” which developed naturally into the term chatbot that we use today. Chatbots are computer programs that … Read more

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Chatbot History: The HeX Chatbot and MegaHAL

Tin toy robots on a shelf.

The HeX chatbot was developed by Jason Hutchens in 1996. It was based on ELIZA, which was a computer program capable of processing natural language and was active from 1964 to 1966. It worked by using “pattern matching” technology and was able to generate natural speech. Hutchens took part in the 1996 Loebner Prize with … Read more

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Virtual Assistants: What is Apple Siri

A man wearing an Apple Smart Watch asking Apple Siri a question.

The Apple Siri chatbot is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant software that comes with almost all of Apple’s products, including their iPhones, Apple TV, iPads, MacBooks, desktop computers, various smart home products by Apple, and their smart wearables. Unlike most of Apple’s products and software, Siri was not developed originally by Apple but was acquired … Read more

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Chatbot History: Microsoft’s Xiaoice Chatbot or Xiaolce

Microsoft's Xiaoice Chatbot, an emotionally intelligent virtual teenage girl.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice chatbot, sometimes called Xiaolce, is an artificially intelligent system created by Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia on July 6, 2010. The chatbot part of Xiaoice was released in 2014 and is based on an emotional computation network. Xiaoice combines a number of different AI services, one of which is and the Xiaoice chatbot. … Read more

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Chatbot History: The Parry Chatbot

The Parry Chatbot emulated a person with schizophrenia.

The Parry chatbot, or simply Parry, was created in 1972 by Kenneth Colby, a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. This chatbot was made to mimic the behavior of a patient of paranoid schizophrenia. It was meant to be an answer to ELIZA, a “doctor” chatbot developed by Carl Rogers. While the chatbot emulates the … Read more

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Chatbot History: What is Dr. Sbaitso

A screenshot of Dr. Sbaitso

What is Dr. Sbaitso might sound like an odd question unless you know some chatbot history. Dr. Sbaitso, created in 1991 by Creative Labs, was an acronym for Sound Blaster Acting Intelligent Text to Speech Operator. He was an AI program used for personal computers running on MS-DOS. A Very Brief History of Sound Card … Read more

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Chatbot History: What is the Future of Chatbots?

An artificial intelligence chatbot representing the future of chatbots.

The future of chatbots is sure to include incredible technological advances, allowing them to take a larger role in every industry you can imagine. The last decade has probably seen more innovation and advancements in technology than all of the previous human history combined. We’ve moved from car phones and landline phones to smartphones that … Read more

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Chatbot History: What is the Kiyana Chatbot?

The Kiyana Chatbot was starting to flirt with me.

The Kiyana chatbot is one of the many chatbots made using the Personality Forge chatbot platform. She has the personality of an anime cat-girl and a playful nature. Kiyana was developed in 2005, and was created to be a flirtatious chat partner. She is definitely a flirt and will very easily nudge the conversation into … Read more

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