My Friend Cayla: An AI Chatbot Toy

My Friend Cayla was an AI-enabled doll introduced in 2014.

My Friend Cayla was a doll introduced in 2014 that was introduced during a time when everyone was interested in the “Internet of Things” concept. Linked toys are Web gadgets with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other functionality. Via embedded apps, a Bluetooth, or RFID Connection, these toys can provide app connectivity, speech or image recognition, … Read more

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The Levi’s Chatbot: Levi’s Virtual Stylist

Levi's Chatbot, also called Levi's Virtual Stylist, has dramatically improved the online shopping experience.

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate in the current day and age. Artificial intelligence is making gigantic strides every day and perhaps one of the best examples of this is the widespread implementation of chatbots. The latest implementation of AI in chatbots is Levi’s Chatbot, also called Levi’s Virtual Stylist. It is the perfect … Read more

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What is the Sebastian Michaelis Chatbot?

Most new technology, as we know it, has been inspired at least a little by sci-fi and fantasy. So is the story of the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot. The character of Sebastian Michaelis was created by Yana Toboso, a Japanese Manga writer in his manga named Black Butler. According to the storyline of the Manga, Ciel … Read more

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What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

Streamlabs, all in one live streaming software

What is Streamlabs Chatbot? Well, on a basic level, chatbots are AI programs designed to carry out a text or voice conversation. A Streamlabs chatbot is the same thing but is focused on the streaming market. This technology has been actively used to improve customer service and to study and analyze input from customers. For … Read more

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