A Brief Biography Of Michael Loren Mauldin

Michael Fuzzy Mauldin is an innovator and advocate for everything from chatbots to battlebots.

Michael Loren Mauldin or “Fuzzy” as he prefers to be called, is an interesting character with interests ranging from chatbots to battlebots. The history of computer science and artificial intelligence is saturated with fascinating people that helped the field of artificial intelligence grow and develop as a unique and distinct study. The areas of study … Read more

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The Development of Safer Browsing with HTTPS

Safer Browsing With HTTPS is Developed

The development and adoption of safer browsing with HTTPS meant the transmission of data was finally safe enough for widespread eCommerce and banking. For the transmission of data across devices and networks on the internet, it needs to follow protocols that tell the computers how to send information from them to the modem and on … Read more

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What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

An empty call center after a company implemented an interactive voice response system.

This blog will discuss a telecommunication technology that most of you are familiar with (and probably hate.) You might call them automated phone systems, but the real name of the technology is IVR, or Interactive Voice Response. We will briefly touch upon the history of IVR, its uses, and its uses. We’ll also discuss a … Read more

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A Brief Biography of Hugh Loebner – Sponsor of the Loebner Prize

Hugh Loebner, in one of his signature colorful shirts, holding the Loebner Prize.

The development of Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology in social, political, economic, and contemporary culture is not due merely to the work of brilliant computer scientists. It is also due to the work of people who sponsored those programs and companies, helping them receive attention from the rest of the world. Whether someone likes it … Read more

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A Brief Biography of Marie Claire Jenkins

A Brief Biography of Marie-Claire Jenkins

Marie Claire Jenkins is an author, developer, and programmer, she is also one of the most esteemed AI enthusiasts of all time. From an early age, she demonstrated great clarity and drive toward developing chatbots and has worked tirelessly towards the proliferation of the fields of AI and chatbots. What She is Known for Marie … Read more

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The Creation of the Internet: The Early Days

The Internet.

Before the creation of the internet or even computers, as we know them today, voice and data communication was made possible from one location to another using circuit switching technology. This initial communication technology was entirely basic, and the system worked by an operator in the exchange creating, or “switching on” a direct electronic connection … Read more

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A Brief Biography of Kenneth Colby: The Mind Behind Parry

Dr. Kenneth Colby, the developer of PARRY.

The history of machine intelligence is not merely limited to people whose only job is to write codes in machine language algorithms; instead, there’s a diverse professional sphere within the field of artificial intelligence that has its philosophical and psychiatric implications. Specifically, the notion of consciousness is often discussed in debates about Artificial Intelligence, and … Read more

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Brief Biography of Steve Worswick: The Mind Behind Mitsuku

Steve Worswick, the Senior Artificial Intelligence Designer at Pandorabots, giving a lecture.

In the 21st century, the field of artificial intelligence has seen the explosion of many chatbots that have defied our expectations about what artificial intelligence can achieve. Among these fantastic chatbots is Mitsuku, the five-time Loebner Prize winner. Mitsuku was created by a pioneer in artificial intelligence, Steve Worswick. In this blog, we will focus … Read more

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