How Customer Service Can Be Improved using Chatbot

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Your customers are your ultimate priority, if you take good care of them, in the end, you are the one who will be taken good care of. And maybe that’s the reason why over years businesses have been found prioritizing customer services over any other aspect. In fact, today on par customer service seems to have become one of the famous aspects that companies often brag about. Of course, you are having an amazing range of products and services but what’s the point if you don’t end up offering satisfactory services to your customers? In simple words, customer service experience has become paramount. The following post focuses on how to enhance customer services by using different forms of technologies such as Chatbot.

Chatbots helping in Customer service.
Chatbots helping in Customer service.

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What are Chatbots?

I am pretty sure you must have stumbled upon several websites that feature those pop-up windows saying hi! How can I help You Mate? Earlier, there was a time when if someone wanted to look around for a product or get in touch with customer service, all they had to do was call the toll-free number which was never answered for hours. As a result, customers often get frustrated and then switch to their competitors. Well, after the inception of chatbots, things have changed to a great extent. Now, what exactly are these chatbots? Well, in simple words it is a computer program or software that simulates human conversation or voice interactions. Basic yet crucial benefits of chatbots include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quick answers can be given to the simplest questions
  • Instant responses
  • Reduce customer service costs and time
  • Enhanced lead generation
  • Scalability 
  • Personalized CX is possible by using AI-chatbots
  • Enhanced customer interaction
  • Seamless customer journey

Before moving further, certain things to consider about these Chatbots!

  •  A chatbot is not a human! 

Unfortunately, many non-techies think that a person is sitting across the computer windows and replying to them. Which is definitely not the case here! Yes, as the name implies, it is a chatbot! And no matter how conversational it is, it won’t be able to fill in the place of a human agent. So here you cannot just ask anything because the answers are pretty limited but here’s the best part, you do get basic answers and for more details, you can get directly in touch with the customer care service. Basic answers such as when will you receive the product or where is the shipment right now? 

Fortunately, with the emergence of artificial intelligence technology, chatbots seem to have become pretty much smart with their answers and sound way less robotic. 

  • It takes time to implement solutions  

The Next aspect to take into consideration is the time for implementing things. Yes, as a person one must know that it takes a hell lot of time in implementing things or making procedures 100% operational and seamless workflow according to Vishal Shah working in a software development company TatvaSoft. For that matter, you can hire a relevant development company that offers chatbot development services which need less to minimum technical support. So yes, you may consider this an advantage or a disadvantage but it does take ample time to implement solutions. 

  • Maintenance and Support

 Much like any other software or solution even chatbots need constant revisions, maintenance and upgrades. Yes, you read it quite right! Chatbots need consistent revision, maintenance and optimization. In fact, it’s you who must feed the chatbot with new and meaningful data so it can answer a bunch of meaningful customer questions and queries. 

Implementing a chatbot has become a must-do thing these days! Further below I would like to emphasize on certain ways or approaches through which customer service can be enhanced using Chatbots. 

How to enhance customer Service using Chatbots?

One of the obvious ways to increase sales and return on investment is by enhancing customer experience or satisfying their needs be it in regard to products or services. Today’s customer is a millennial or from gen Z much smarter and brighter than one five-to-ten year ago. In fact, these generations exactly know how to manage relations with the business without even interacting with the employees there. One of the best ways is by making the most of chatbots. 

Chatbots can be considered as self-help tools mainly used to enhance communication as well as improve customer experience to a great extent. With the help of chatbots, customers can easily interact with businesses and confront their relevant issues and queries. Now further we will see how these customer service bots can assist you in improving customer service and maintaining long-lasting relationships. 

#1 Quick responses

One of the obvious ways through which chatbots can enhance your business is by offering immediate responses to the end user. Look at the end user’s point of view, I mean try putting yourself in the shoes of your end users and see how frustrating it can be to be on call for almost half an hour and still getting no response. Here it’s not even a couple of seconds and you get the answer right then and there. And most importantly, here you are at least getting some reply. A small response – “Hi Mate, How can I help You?” Can be way more encouraging than no reply or a blank screen. 

In case, if things get more complex or complicated the bot can either offer to directly get in touch with the customer care agent or redirect them to the FAQ page where they can find relevant tips and tricks and solve the problem by themselves. 

#2 Engagement

The next intimidating way offered by these customer service bots is high-end engagement. Do you know chatbots are one of the best ways to build seamless and long-lasting brand engagement? Let’s take an example of a messenger app, a chatbot can initiate a conversation to promote anything, be it a discount or promotional code or acknowledging customers about their latest product, they don’t need to look for things here and there. 

Did you remember in the year 2016, Facebook came up with the incredible idea of utilizing its messaging app to buy or sell different products and offer incredible customer support since then? Now if we think from the branding perspective, chatbots make lives of the businesses way more easier. More or less, all you had to do was program your chatbot well and everything else would take place accordingly. 

#3 Cost-effective solutions

Another interesting aspect that must be taken into consideration here is that chatbots turn out to be pretty much of a cost-effective solution. Right from answering routine questions to reducing response time and money, a customer service bot takes care of everything here. Apart from cost, these customer service bots tend to offer 24/7 services. Today’s customers desire to expect businesses to be available all the time, and offer quick responses and replies whenever in need. Some of the best practices you must consider include:

  • Try engaging exclusively with your end users by offering instant answers.
  • Right from the simplest queries to a bit complex ones, let the chatbot work wonders for you! 
  • You can either offer a live chat or chat bots or a hybrid approach by using them both together. 

#4 Overall Better Experience

The next benefit of using chatbots or customer service bots is to enhance the user experience to a great extent. When customers tend to use these kinds of bots, businesses are able to address their requests and queries right then and there. Now, do you think you can enhance customer experience by simply developing Chatbots? Of course not! 

First, you need to identify the type and urgency of the issues and then send a ticket to the precise department or agent, and then assist relevant customers in scheduling a chat or call just for the sake of minimizing or wiping out the feeling of uncertainty. 

How to develop the Ideal Chatbot?

  • There shouldn’t be anyone mean for communicating – One of the obvious aspects to take into consideration over here is that there shouldn’t be any one particular means for communicating. You need to understand this, customer bots are not humans or they can never replace humans so there are numerous times when these bots can be super annoying. So in case, if the chatbot doesn’t work well, you should always be able to offer different other modes of communication such as a call with a customer representative or anything else.  
  • The next thing to consider is to add as many emotions as you can! Here you can think of using a different range of avatars just to provide a human touch, somewhat like a chatbot avatar. 
  • Enhance efficiency, yes you read it absolutely right! Chatbots are softwares which shouldn’t be expected to be fully efficient. So in order to enhance their efficiency one must end up creating numerous options such as directing to the FAQs page or contacting a customer care agent or anything else. 

And that’s it! 

So we are done here! The 24/7 customer service bot tends to engage well with your end users by offering them quick answers and solutions, I say why the heck not use them? More or less, you can even think of adding social media support that not just responds to the end users but also delivers quick assistance over social media platforms. By this, you can surely provide real-time assistance in public. So, that’s all for now! I hope you did enjoy reading the following post and if so, feel free to share it with your peers and help us out in spreading the word.  

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