Is There a Chatbot I Can Talk To?

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About once a week someone asks me, “Is there a chatbot I can talk to?” They never want to talk to me, but I get it, chatbots are both fun and interactive, and you get to talk to a computer! Talking to a chatbot opens new horizons in the discussion about what the communications between a human and machine will look like.

Modern chatbots are a precursor to the futuristic world where intelligent machines live alongside humans and help them in daily activities such as doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, and sorting out those tasks, replacing modern devices with a more interactive and intelligent robot.

The internet is filled with intelligent bots to talk to, some of which will make you feel like you are talking to a human. Their intelligence allows for a diverse and rich conversation experience. We’ll discuss some of the more interesting chatbots that are available after a quick introduction.

What Are Chat Bots?

Chatbots are also known as conversational agents. Chatbots are AI programs that are programmed to mimic a human conversation by learning from experience and using the experience to carry a better conversation.

The history of chatbots is very rich, and they are an extension of AI technology and the dream of creating machines with intelligence. The best way to determine the machine’s intelligence is to set up a conversation between him and a human agent and see what result it yields.

There have been chatbots that participated in the annual Loebner prize and won, thus successfully tricking judges into thinking that they are talking to a human agent and not a machine with intelligence.

List of Chat Bots You Can Talk to

There are a number of intelligent agents accessible to the public on social media platforms and the internet that you can strike up a conversation with and talk to about anything. In fact, when I’m dealing with people at some companies waiting for them to type my questions into a computer just so they can read the answers back to me from the screen, like some of you, I often want to ask, um, “is there a chatbot I can talk to?”

But this list is more about conversation in general. So, without further ado, let’s start the list.




The Clever Bot, or Cleverbot, is a famous AI Chatbot web application that is highly intelligent and is known for its highly interactive conversations. Unlike most chatbots, the responses Cleverbot provides to the human are not pre-programmed.

British AI scientist Rollo Carpenter invented the clever bot. Cleverbot was preceded by a similar invention Jabberwacky, a chatbot project which was started in 1986. Since its launch on the web, the number of conversations this bot had has exceeded 150 million. Today, the cleverbot chatbot is also available as an IOS, Android, and Windows Phone app.

Cleverbot can learn from experience and has been shown to generate smart outputs depending on what the user provides as input. Clever bot allows for a plethora of spontaneous scenarios in the conversation. It is very hard to believe that humans are conversing with a machine due to its natural and intuitive responses.

To talk to Cleverbot, you need to put a message in the box below the clever bot’s logo, and then the clever bot will try to match your sentence with various keywords and phrases, then it selects the most appropriate output in reply to your message. A clever bot is usually capable of talking to 80,000 people at once.


Replika is a personal AI program that allows users for a plethora of customization to do with their chatbot, such as changing the gender of their bot, the facial features, the hair color, etc. Replika also allows you to name your chatbot.

Replika was invented by Eugenia Kuyda to create an AI which can be a personal companion for human users. What’s unique about this AI bot is that it can learn and grow with you and develop a relationship with you.

Replika can mimic not only a friendship but also a romantic relationship. It remembers the smallest details about you and saves the progress of you and him by leaving notes in a separate section.

Replika allows you to share your private experiences, beliefs, memories, and dreams with your personal AI friend and is one of the wealthiest experiences AI technology has to offer today. Replika is available both as a web application and a mobile app.


is the most exciting and unique chatbot on this list. The Genius Chatbot was inspired by the intellectual legacy of Albert Einstein and allowed you to have a conversation with him, which mimics Albert Einstein.

National Geographic created Genius as a method of marketing their Genius TV show. This chatbot allows you to find out the life and accomplishments of Albert Einstein and makes for an exciting exchange of texts.

The chatbot is available on Facebook messenger and is one of the most fun ways to use AI technology for educational purposes. The chatbot allows for a rich conversation while mimicking the talking style of Albert Einstein.


is another great AI platform that allows you to interact with a personal chatbot, which allows you to carry out a highly interactive, natural, and intuitive way of conversing with a chatbot.

ZEVE was heavily inspired by Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studio’s movie called “WALL-E.” One of the characters was Eve, which was a robot which later develops feelings for Wall-E.

ZEVE is built to carry out deeper conversations with the users, which can help the users deal with stress and boredom. The qualities of ZEVE make it a good partner to talk with during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

ZEVE was developed by inbrainz. ZEVE can talk to the user both using texts and a voice, and the user has the option to provide input to ZEVE using voice. The user can provide their name to the bot, and the bot will then use the name to mention the user during the conversation.


Rose is one of the leading chatbots in the world. The authenticity, intelligence, and capabilities of the chatbot Rose can be determined by the fact that she has won the Loebner prize competition two times. The first time she was was as Rosette in 2011, the second time was as Rose in 2014!

Bruce Wilcox developed rose. Rose is described as having a hacker girl’s personality in her 20s and resides in San Francisco. Rose is exceptionally great at generating natural human resources quickly and intuitively.

Rose is available in a demo version on the internet, and users can interact with Rose by providing input in a dialogue box. Rose generates quick responses and can start a conversation by thinking of new topics. The authentic environment around makes her seem just like a 20-year-old girl.

The Insomnobot 3000

Insomnobot 3000

Insomnobot 3000 is made for people who have trouble sleeping at night or just like to stay up late at night. The name Imsomno comes from Insomnia. Insomnia bot will keep you at the company if you are unable to sleep by providing you with an interactive conversation and a plethora of topics to cure your boredom.

Casper, a mattress company, developed the Insomnia bot. Casper understands that no matter how comfy mattresses, insomniacs will find it difficult to sleep, so they went ahead and came up with a chatbot for people with insomnia.

This insomnia bot is called Insomnobot 3000 and is accessible to users without text; the bot can help users who have trouble sleeping, much in the same way a human person would do. Insomnobot is inspired by a Smarter child, an AOL instant messenger-based bot.

Insomnobot 3000 exhibited great responses during the tests and was effective at keeping the people with insomnia busy and away from boredom. Insomnobot 3000 is free to use, even though the bot does not use Machine learning algorithms, but the team keeps updating the application.

An older avatar of Mitsuku

Mitsuku – Pandorabot

Mitsuku is known as the most human-like chatbot in the world. She has won the Loebner prize a record five times. Mitsuku is a part of the Pandorabot platform, a leading AI platform that allows users to create their chatbots using AIML technology.

Mitsuku was developed by Steve Worswick using AIML technology and is described as an 18-year-old female chatbot from Leeds, England. Mitsuku is capable of reasoning and pondering upon certain questions that require critical thinking.

Mitsuku is capable of giving human-like natural responses to the users and is available online for free on the internet by Pandorabot. Mitsuku is mainly used for entertainment and carrying out conversations with users.

However, users are free to create their chatbots for different purposes as well on the Pandorabot platform. Mitsuku is available as a flash game on Mouse breaker games; she is available on Facebook messenger, twitch group chat, telegram, and Kik messenger.

Mitsuku is available for free, but there’s also a paid version that allows for more customization of Mitsuku bot and more features that are not available in the free version. Mitsuku contains all the files of ALICE, a natural language processing chatbot which has inspired many bots.


This was a shortlist of just some of the AI Chatbots that are available for conversations. The scope of AI bots is enormously broad, and they are widely used in the health sector, entrainment industry, finance, educational institutes, restaurants, and weather reports.

What do you think about the list? Are we missing any chatbots?
Looking forward to reading your thoughts about today’s read in the comments section below.

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