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Before we answer the question, what is and start our Landbot Review, let’s talk a little about what chatbots actually are. Chatbots are gaining a lot of popularity in the technology sector. As far as we know, before they were common, they were looked upon as an artificial intelligence experiment, looking to make a change or two in the industry. However, now, it is considered as one of the most important technological necessities in various industries to streamline industrial processes, to increase efficiency, and reduce variability.

With the growing demands of clients, leading firms always look for bleeding-edge technology that could benefit hem in the long-term. Artificial intelligence is the only part of the technology that is bringing innovation to every other industry and organization. Without the use of artificial intelligence and machine language, we would not be able to create a chatbot
that could work like a flesh and blood customer care representative.

For the sake of transparency, I have an affiliate relationship with, but this review of their service is completely unbiased. The links to do carry my affiliate code however, so if you order a chatbot from them or sign up, I will receive some money in return.

What is a chatbot?

An artificially intelligence-powered machine that can stimulate conversation with a human-based on pre-defined conditions using natural language processing and artificial intelligence is known as a chatbot. An Artificial intelligence-powered chatbot has to be integrated into social media messaging apps or official websites to initiate conversations with potential clients.

For instance, let’s say you want to buy makeup from Sephora. You go to its official website but get overwhelmed by new makeup additions in the store. Now, you are there, at your home but want to buy skin-appropriate makeup for yourself. In short, you need a virtual assistant to help you make big make-up decisions. What would you do? Call one of their customer care representatives? No.

Representatives are too busy handling severe matters. For assisting their online customers, Sephora has launched a chatbot to help people buy makeup easily. Just like any other sales representative, the Sephora chatbot enters the live chatbot and starts asking the client’s makeup preferences. As it runs on pre-defined conditions, it can also show some makeup looks on your face and even display a list of makeup products best for your skin type, skin tone, etc.

Besides helping you choose makeup, Sephora’s virtual assistant/chatbot also makes suggestions based on the user’s purchase history, likes, dislikes, search history, etc.

The biggest flex of a chatbot is that it does not have to be downloaded by firms and companies. All it takes is simple integration on your website or a social media messaging app to reach thousands of your clients with a tap on your phone.

Now, that we have mentioned a thing or two about chatbots, let’s talk about the main topic: What is

If you have an interest in chatbots, then you may have heard this name for a few years. But let’s take a solid look at what Landbot is, how it works, its features, cons, pros, some alternatives, and of course, our final verdict.

What is Landbot, a closeup of the no-code Builder.

What is A Complete Review

Landbot is a no-code, user-friendly solution and a tool to create conversational bot/chatbot applications for various websites and social media messaging apps. Conversational apps are easy to use for the clients as they have the combined benefits of rich user experience elements with the interactive conversational interface while automating all the processes and workflows in all business applications.

The Landbot chatbot is a solid option for every business firm out there to automate business operations and manage communication with the clients simultaneously. Sadly there is no Landbot WordPress Plugin, so you’ll have to insert the chatbot manually, luckily Landbot WordPress integration is fairly easy for anyone who has some experience with the WordPress platform.

Landbot helps leading organizations optimize the customer-buying journey at every stage, regardless of the volume of the customers against a single chatbot. From providing customer support on Facebook, WhatsApp, and web to the integration of a smart solution on a website without coding. Landbot has all the necessary benefits, applications and features to build interactive and engaging chatbots for firms to handle customer service, business operations, sales funnels, etc.

While Landbot is easily available on annual and monthly subscriptions, the exceptional customer support is extended via email as well as their toll-free number.

While moving forward with this article, we will talk about Landbot’s features, pros, cons, and industrial applications to see If it is the right fit for you or not.

An Intuitive, No-code, User-Friendly Chatbot Builder

Currently, Landbot is empowering more than 50,000 businesses and firms to create exceptional customer service experiences from their tool. For many leading organizations, it is the number 1 choice for improving customer service, personalizing customer-buying journeys, accumulating and capturing data, and engaging qualified leads in real-time.

Features of the Builder

Like most other chatbot builder applications, Landbot is a helpful tool that will allow you to build a chatbot. However, since it does not require coding, it can be used by almost anyone. This means that advanced users can speed through the development process, and even novices can use the system to build a chatbot for their website and launch it relatively quickly. Just remember, you have to know what you’re building before you start, so go into the development process with a script.

One other useful feature of the Landbot builder is their available Templates. They include options for a wide variety of standard chatbot uses, including:

  • Lead Generation (including Real Estate and Insurance specific solutions)
  • Contact Form
  • Customer Feedback (including options specific to Doctors)
  • Surveys
  • Customer Support (including an option for Human Takeover of a chat)
  • FAQ
  • Product Recommendations
  • Job Application & Conversational Resume
  • Vacation Request

Some of the above templates are also available for WhatsApp.

It Automates Conversations With Clients

As we step into the next era of technology, we enter with clear heads that communication is the key to building great relationships with clients as well as business partners. Landbot provides a vital floor for all the firms and organizations to start healthy work and client relationships through user-friendly conversations.

Many organizations struggle to get traffic on their websites. Not only do they want to increase the conversion rate smartly but also wish to score some potential customers while they are at it. Landbot allows a firm or an organization to automate conversation on the website as well as various social media messaging channels to convert smartly and bigger than ever.

Without a single line of code, the users of Landbot have the freedom to design, analyze, and deploy their conversational strategies using one means to send information across multiple messaging channels.

It Captures Qualified Leads on Your Official Website

Whether you build conversational client relationships on messaging channels or your website, having a strong customer support system can get you qualified leads in a short span of time. You can streamline your customer care operations and streamline written conversations with your clients using Landbot, the ultimate solution to build chatbots without coding.

Engagement with Users on Social Channels like WhatsApp

WhatsApp is regarded as the number one messaging channel. The pro-active messaging on WhatsApp allows the user to connect to his friends, family, team, and work colleagues 24*7. Many organizations are abandoning the idea of using traditional mails to reach out to customers and using social channels like WhatsApp and Facebook for maximum interactions and engagement.

The Landbot’s intuitive social channel campaign manager will allow you to integrate your chatbot on WhatsApp and build promising relationships with your potential clients.

It Provides Seamless Customer Support Options

Landbot is a second-to-none messaging manager that provides industrialists with necessary communication/chatbot tools to create engaging, interacting and satisfactory customer care experiences.

Quick Integration and Seamless Flow Creation allows a user to design and deploy powerful yet customer-satisfying automated conversations for Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and other applications. In addition to that, it integrated the custom chatbot to your official website as well as other applications that you already use to communicate with your customers.

Another benefit of using Landbot is that every action happens in real-time: from sending information to the CRM, users choosing one of the journey’s conditioning and them jumping into the automated conversations to using data for instant messaging and triggering customer-focused campaigns.

Good Integration With Your CRM

With Landbot, users can build customer-focused journeys that connect your team to your WhatsApp account, CRM and your official website. For instance, the conversational forms update the user about the qualified lead under the sales process and the user a new WhatsApp subscriber. The subscriber gets automated notifications and reminders from the user’s sales force. Hence, the user’s team does not have to do anything as it is a codeless application.

Conversations with the customers in this era are helping the young business operators and marketers to increase their company’s conversion rate. Landbot is a full package for anyone looking to integrate a codeless chatbot to the website: from empowering your sales team to making lives easier at the other end of customer care calls. You can move forward with your business operations while building exceptional conversational experiences at scale, for your customers.

The Pricing Plans

You can see the full list of Landbot’s Plans on their website, the lists below are for information purposes only and were posted on October 24th, 2020. Please check out the current features for each plan before you sign up or purchase.

Sandbox Plan

The sandbox plan is free to use. Here are some features that come with the free sandbox package:

  • 100 chats per month
  • Human take-over at anytime
  • Slack integration
  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Zapier integration

Starter plan

The pricing for the starter plan is as low as 30 euros per month. Here are some benefits included in the basic paid plan:

  • Unlimited chats
  • A/B testing and split
  • Stripe integration
  • Facebook messenger
  • Mailchimp integration

Professional Plan

This package costs as low as 100 euros per month. Almost 69% of our customers choose this plan. Some of the features that come with the package are:

  • Dialog flow
  • Google sheets
  • Formulas
  • Unlimited chats
  • Facebook messenger
  • Remove watermark
  • Webhooks

Business Plan

The business plan by has no price as the user customizes the package himself. However, some of the features include:

  • Priority support
  • Salesforce integration
  • Zendesk integration
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • All the features of a professional plan

Pros of Landbot

  • The built-in analytics user can find on the tool’s dashboard is very useful for analyzing traffic
  • The customizability in the business plan is exceptional
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly user-interface
  • The short learning curve makes it easy to use the tool’s features
  • Cost-effective
  • Ease in client support and documentation
  • Intuitive in nature
  • Available conditioning branching
  • Flexible design
  • Seamless integration with websites and various messaging channels
  • The tool offers power-ups

Cons of Landbot

  • Lack of media output and DB integrations
  • The user faces a lack of resources if he wants to build a complicated chatbot with 100+ dialog blocks
  • The tool charges for the logo separately
  • The tool is only available in the English language
  • The cost per seat grows unreasonably
  • The custom business plan has a monthly fee that a customer has to pay
  • Longer time for the chatbot to save
  • Longer time for creating a user-friendly chatbot for your website
  • Lack of functionality in the free/starter plan
  • Lack of support from the customer service team
  • No customer support for 24*7
  • Lack of 3rd party integrations
  • Landbot WordPress integration must be done manually due to the lack of a Landbot WordPress Plugin

Top Alternatives to Landbot

Here are some powerful yet cost-effective alternatives to Landbot, in case it doesn’t meet your needs:


The chatbot creation tool from MobileMonkey allows you to create a single chatbot that works on your website and multiple Social Media networks. Their free option offers approximately 200 chats per month through a “Send Credit” system.


This chatbot has a fairly limited Free Plan, offering only 60 chats per month, but it offers a human agent as a backup to your chatbot. This makes it a good option for some companies who need that security.


This chatbot-making tool allows your customers to buy from your company in real-time, using one-on-one conversations. When integrating drift chatbot to the website, you would be able to get more qualified leads and book numerous meetings for your sales force.


Intercom provides its users with the opportunity to engage, interact, and converse personally with each customer.

Zendesk Support Suite

This chatbot-building tool provides exceptional customer support through emails, social media platforms, mobile phones, and even the voice. Apart from 90+ integrations, you can enjoy complete data reporting, like Landbot.


The utmost goal of Birdeye is to close the loop between customer experience and the company’s reputation to reimagine how customer feedback is used to achieve and acquire retained customers. It helps the users to catch sentiments, ratings and real-time customer feedback across every channel.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

A total of 64,500 customers use HubSpot marketing Hub all across the globe to engage and interact with their customers. The applications come with free Powerful CRM and other tools that a business needs to grow better.

Final Verdict

Landbot is a great tool for those who love marketing with a creative touch. It compels a user to stretch their imagination in marketing and use features that they do not even know, exist. What’s impressive in Landbot is that it enables you to create a dynamic landing page or a top-notch chatbot to converse with your customers on your website and multiple messaging channels without the need to learn to code.

Landbot is an all-in-one chatbot-building tool that offers exceptional customer support for all users via emails, phone calls, website integration, and social media channels. With a simple chatbot built through Landbot, you can increase your conversion rate and perform better than ever.

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Free Plan Features





  • The built-in analytics user can find on the tool’s dashboard is very useful for analyzing traffic
  • The customizability in the business plan is exceptional
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly user-interface
  • The short learning curve makes it easy to use the tool’s features


  • Lack of media output and DB integrations
  • The user faces a lack of resources if he wants to build a complicated chatbot with 100+ dialog blocks
  • The tool charges for the logo separately
  • The tool is only available in the English language
  • The cost per seat grows unreasonably
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2 thoughts on “Landbot Review: What is”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Based on your review it certainly looks as though is the real deal and has some fantastic plans for anyone looking to add a chatbot to their website.

    I think in the modern-day-and-age this has been a fantastic inception, as it’s the ideal way to keep potential customers on your site, irrespective of how big or small your business is.

    However, I guess this is why you have entire website based around this subject – definitely an area of online communication that is becoming more-and-more relevant every single day.

    The first thing that strikes me about is the ability to integrate a chatbot to your site without the need for coding.

    I understand from your review that this is becoming common within the marketplace nowadays, but this is definitely a huge benefit for someone like me with very little coding experience.

    I also happen to think that the pricing plans are extremely competitive, and the option to actually use the system for free to start with is a huge plus point (although it is a little worrying that there seems to be a lack of functionality with this plan).

    With that said, even the professional plan is well within the pricing capabilities of most people who would like to go down the chatbot route.

    All-in-all, based on your thorough and honest review, is certainly something that I myself, and I’m sure many of your regular readers, would be very interested in.


    • Partha,

      Landbot is one of the serious contenders for smaller websites, it offers the customization and the no-code environment makes it easy to understand and work with. Landbot chatbots can also works for larger sites but the amount of custom work needed for a larger site means I usually suggest they hire someone with experience building chatbots to do the design and development for them. There are a few competitors to Landbot that also offer a decent code free development, including MobileMonkey.

      I agree with you that chatbots, even simpler ones, are a great way to engage your visitors. If done right, they can double or triple the time on site for anyone using them, and they can point them to the content or products they were looking for faster.

      Thanks for the feedback, and I hope the article has made your choice a little easier.



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