MobileMonkey Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Working with a direct messaging app that gives you direct access to your target audience while delivering a better conversion rate than email marketing is a dream of every marketer out there. If you are a digital marketer, waiting for the target audience to notice your posts, then MobileMonkey is a must-have tool. MobileMonkey claims to be the world’s best Facebook marketing platform.

While the statement might sound like it is exaggerated but the truth is, it is one of the best Facebook messenger marketing platforms out there. Based on the customer reviews, it has all the functionalities, specifications, characteristics and features that a digital marketer needs to ace his marketing campaign.

For the sake of transparency, I have an affiliate relationship with, but this review of their service is completely unbiased. The links to do carry my affiliate code however, so if you order a chatbot from them or sign up, I will receive some money in return.

MobileMonkey Review, a cropped screenshot of the MobileMonkey website.

MobileMonkey Review: Everything you need to know

In this review article, I will go through MobileMonkey’s special features, benefits, and working approach for you to decide if it is the best fit for your business or not.

What is MobileMonkey?

As discussed in the opener paragraph, MobileMonkey is a smart Facebook Messenger marketing solution that gives you the opportunity to reach out to the target audience and engage with them using AI-powered chatbot technology.

If you know about MobileMonkey, you would already be familiar that AI-powered chatbots stimulate robot to human conversations on social media messaging platforms as well as on official websites. When it comes to MobileMonkey, the messaging marketing tool uses Facebook messenger as the platform for its chatbot software integration.

Typically, people interact and converse with chatbots using written gestures. They type a message and wait for the chatbot to reply humanely while delivering accurate and useful data or information. While some chatbots give a direct one-word answer to the users, other chatbots provide people with multiple-choice questions to get the user’s intent before giving off information.

The biggest benefit of using MobileMonkey for your business operations is that you have the freedom to provide exceptional customer service to your customers, 24/7.

Free Robot Hugs: With an incredible amount of features, MobileMonkey is easily one of the best Marketing Chatbots around.

MobileMonkey Features

I’ll discuss some of the major features of what I feel is easily one of the best Marketing Chatbots around in this section.

Chat Blast

Every digital marketer has used the option of email blast at least once in his career. However, very few have used the chat blast option. Have you ever tried the chat blast option to target an audience and drive traffic?

If not, MobileMonkey gives you the latest feature: chat blast, to boost your engagement and take your business to the next level.

According to MobileMonkey’s blog, your engagement with the target audience on the Facebook increase by 70% to 80% at the first hour of using chat blast. Whereas, the engagement percentile does not increase as such through an email blast.

Using MobileMonkey’s chat blast option is the same as using an email blast. The chat blast option allows you to send messages to the right people. Many digital marketers have increased their engagement by sending highly targeted messages to the right audience.

MobileMonkey has a visual interface that allows you to curate the content that you would be sending with chat blast messages.

Take Facebook Ads to the Next Level

If your target audience is on Facebook, you would surely be using Facebook ads. But, have you ever thought about using Facebook Messenger ads? Yes, they exist and have a significant effect on your engagement and conversion rate.

Facebook messenger ad is what the name suggests, an advertisement in a chat. People who click those messenger ads are often taken to MobileMonkey’s interface where they continue to experience seamless interaction with your chatbot.

As soon as you connect to the person, you get his profile’s link and all the info you have been waiting for. Moreover, it is an easy ad process that many people like. MobileMonkey Facebook messenger ads cut out the need for customers to fill cumbersome forms. It is a great way to build your contact and mailing list for future marketing campaigns.

WordPress Plugin

As long as you are using a WordPress website, you can add the MobileMonkey marketing chatbot solution to your website as well. The MobileMonkey WordPress plugin is known as WP-chatbot. With a single click, you can install it and add it to your website for free.

The Audience visiting your website will be able to chat with your customer service representative or the chatbot seamlessly. However, one must remember that this plugin has everything to do with Facebook messenger. So, those people who visit but do not have Facebook accounts won’t be able to chat with your bot or your customer care team.

Chatbot Builder

The heart of MobileMonkey is its feature to built a chatbot for your Facebook messenger as well as your website. You can create unlimited chatbots from scratch or by using pre-defined templates. The tool allows you to create a Q/A dialog box when creating your custom chatbot.

The dialog box will contain everything you want your chatbot to say: From a warm welcome message and quick questions to suggestions for building qualified leads. Most digital marketers keep their chatbot fun, engaging and simple yet robust.

You can navigate through the dashboard to go to the dialog builder. It will allow you to add various elements to your chatbot. Last but not the least, you use the builder to form a FAQs script.

The biggest flex of a MobileMonkey marketing chatbot is that it uses a friendly user-interface and replies to emojis. In addition to that, it also changes the typing style as per the customer’s preference.

RSS Blaster

The RSS blaster feature of the marketing chatbot tool allows you to share all the RSS updates with your Facebook audience. To use this feature, all you have to do is input the text to your existing RSS feed and toggle a few options here and there. Voila! You are done.

MobileMonkeys takes the rest of the responsibility and sends the RSS update messages automatically to your target audience. With MobileMonkey, you can create unlimited RSS blasters.

Connections Tool

In recent years, MobileMonkey has expanded its services to social media integrations as well. You can use the latest connections tool to manage all the connections with external systems, data analytics, and other systematic metrics. However, it is available to pro users who pay for their monthly subscriptions.

MobileMonkey refers to connections tool as a two-way street solution. While pushing the data out of the chatbot to enlighten your audience, it also pulls the data back in. By initiating a conversation with your customers using MobileMonkey chatbot, you can get the customer’s name, profile link, other social media accounts, email address, and phone number.

Currently, the tool supports only types of connection, webhook, and Zapier.

Creating a Zapier connection has never been this easy with MobileMonkey. All you have to do is name your connection and write the API key. With the word’s best marketing chatbot tool, you can create unlimited connections using Webhook and Zapier.

Facebook Comment Guard

A comment guard is a feature by MobileMonkey that digital marketers add to their organic Facebook posts. Whenever a person will comment on your Facebook post, MobileMonkey will automatically add him to your contact list.

To increase your Facebook page engagement, nothing is better than using FB comment guard. Unlike messenger ads that cost a lot, this feature is free for MobileMonkey users.

Live Customer Chat Feature for Your Website

MobileMonkey allows you to add a chat widget to your website to offer exceptional customer service to your customers 24/7. Whenever you would visit MobileMonkey’s official website, you would find the chat widget everywhere. While it is a little annoying, it helps a great deal in converting leads to sales.

Even though chat widgets are impressive, they are not as powerful as messaging widgets. Unlike chat widgets, users can go through the messaging history instantly.

To create a widget, all you have to do is select your preferred options before adding them to the dialog box. From there, copy the code and paste it on your website. However, if you have a WordPress website, things would be easier for you, all thanks to the WordPress plugin, WP-chatbot by MobileMonkey.

Share Valuable Links

The more you explore Facebook and its marketing options, the more urge you develop to reach out to your target audience. A digital marketer’s utmost goal is to push more people from the contact list to the messenger. To increase your engagement, all you have to do is share links. Sharing links allows marketers to capture valuable leads and prospects from non-advertising Facebook areas or your email. It can be from anywhere, even from any other social media platform.

Creating links for sharing is pretty much easy. The link only sends the dialog to the contacts of your choice.

HTML Elements

The HTML element by MobileMonkey creates shareable links so that users can include on their websites as well as other social media platforms. With this tool, you can create only two types of HTML elements:

  • Checkbox plugins
  • Send to messenger buttons

The checkbox plugins work with your leads and allow people to click it so that they can receive updates through Facebook messenger. Whereas, the Send to messenger option allows the user to start a conversation on the messenger with the chatbot or with a customer rep with a click on the button.

Landing Pages

The sole purpose of digital marketers is to capture qualified leads. The marketing tool allows you to create landing pages as well.

The pricing Plans

There are three types of MobileMonkey pricing plans

  • Free
  • Pro
  • And Premier

While the Pro package costs $49 per month, the premier plan costs $149 per month.

MobileMonkey’s free plan is for anyone who wants to increase engagement through simple Facebook interaction with the target audience. With the free plan, you can integrate chatbot on your website, build unlimited chatbots, use the chat blast feature, and create unlimited lead magnets.

Here are some features of the free plan:

  • Easy integration through a WordPress Plugin
  • Website chat widget
  • Website integration with the chatbot
  • Multi-user management
  • Custom variables
  • Share and clone bots
  • Custom landing pages
  • Unlimited contacts

Pros of MobileMonkey

  • It has its own Facebook community where experts and peers of digital marketing and chatbots help each other
  • It is best for small businesses that have zero to no budget for digital marketing and chatbot integration
  • Easily connect with WordPress websites using a built-in plugin
  • It has good sequencing (drip) features

Cons of MobileMonkey

  • Lack of integration with other business tools
  • Slow development of new features
  • Unnecessary phone calls at late hours to the customers
  • It only uses Facebook messenger when a large community resides on Twitter as well as Instagram

MobileMonkey Endorsements

Before we move on to MobileMonkey’s features, take a look at these high-profile tool-relevant endorsements. MobileMonkey has been awarded Martech Breakthrough for the best marketing chatbot solution in the year 2019.

Other than that, Neil Patel, one of the popular digital marketers addressed once that Facebook organic reach has been dead for a long time but adding MobileMonkey to your Facebook messenger can increase engagement and drive organic traffic to your website instantly. CEO of Backlinko, Brian Dean says that wise digital marketers who are always seen looking for bleeding-edge technology to add to their business operations start by adding MobileMonkey automation and integration marketing tool instantly on their Facebook accounts.

The head of global marketing (SEMRush) once addresses in his journal that Facebook has the right target audience. However, only a few companies succeed in expanding their reach. The software does not only optimize your customer service but also makes Facebook marketing fun. With an incredible marketing chatbot solution, you can reach millions of phones in seconds.

The Final Verdict

MobileMonkey is a powerful yet free marketing chatbot solution with a lot of features to dwell over. With an insanely cheap price, it offers a lot of features besides robust and high-end performing software. If you are a digital marketer who thinks that a chatbot increases engagement and conversion rate as much as email marketing, you should go for this tool. Their WordPress Plugin is up to date and makes installation incredibly easy.

Facebook messenger has a lot of explosive potential to expand your business. With MobileMonkey as your marketing tool, the reach will get huge.

MobileMonkey Chatbots

Depends on Plan chosen.

Ease of Use


Free Plan Features





  • Easy integration through a WordPress Plugin
  • Has its own Facebook community where experts and peers of digital marketing and chatbots help each other
  • Good Sequencing (Drip Marketing) Features
  • Excellent Facebook Integration


  • Slow development of new features
  • Lacks Twitter and Instagram Integration
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2 thoughts on “MobileMonkey Review: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Your Mobile Monkey review has certainly piqued my interest.

    I have recently been playing around with Facebook ads and I’m also in the process of setting up my email list for my latest website, so this is certainly something that appeals to me.

    With that said, I don’t currently have a great deal of focus on Facebook, I literally share my content on the platform without much interaction with anyone else (this will probably explain why I only have a handful of followers, but this hasn’t been my main aim).

    However, from the few tests that I have run with Facebook Ads I was actually quite impressed, so Mobile Monkey could definitely help me improve upon what I’ve already achieved.

    I will say that the lack of integration with other business tools is a little worrying for me, but this is probably because I haven’t focused on any form on social media marketing so far.

    I’m hoping to have everything set up with my newsletter and autoresponder service by the end of the month, and then I’ll be going back to Facebook ads again.

    I think it makes good sense to incorporate a chatbox for Messenger, and well if I’m making a purchase Sean it will obviously only be from one place, you of course.


    • Partha,

      While the free plan for Mobilemonkey is pretty limited, the paid plans include Zapier integration, which lets you then connect to a ton of other services. If you’re not familiar with Zapier, it’s worth checking out.

      I do think that Mobilemonkey is the best option for anyone working with Facebook Ads, but I recommend using their Pro Plan, which is $29 per month with a discount if you pay annually.

      There are quite a few other chatbots for messenger out there, but for price and features I don’t think anyone can really touch Mobilemonkey. If I needed to pick a second place, I’d give that to Landbot.

      I always appreciate your comments,


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