Chatbot History: What is Dr. Sbaitso

A screenshot of Dr. Sbaitso

What is Dr. Sbaitso might sound like an odd question unless you know some chatbot history. Dr. Sbaitso, created in 1991 by Creative Labs, was an acronym for Sound Blaster Acting Intelligent Text to Speech Operator. He was an AI program used for personal computers running on MS-DOS. A Very Brief History of Sound Card … Read more

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What is the History of Chatbots?

Chatbot History - from the first description through the Virtual Assistants of today

The history of chatbots is actually much longer than you might think. Because of the complex nature of today’s chatbots, I couldn’t blame you for assuming they were a fairly recent development. But the concept was first discussed as far back as 1950, and the concept of self controlled machines or robots was introduced even … Read more

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