A Brief Biography of Alan Turing: A Pioneer in Computing

A portrait of Alan Turing, the developer of the Turing Test.

Alan Turing is one of the biggest names in the field of computer sciences, crypto analysis, artificial intelligence, and even the philosophy of artificial intelligence and mechanic consciousness. Alan Mathison Turing left an enormous legacy behind him and is an inspiration for many in the field of artificial intelligence and computer science. Turing not only … Read more

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What Is the Enigma Machine? What You Need To Know

The Enigma Machine on display in a museum.

World War II was a period of extreme social and political upheaval and drastic changes in the economy of countries, not to mention that it was the cause of countless atrocities from which humanity has yet to recover from. The plight-inducing environment of World War II was also the cause of many innovations and inventions … Read more

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