Virtual Assistants: Microsoft Cortana Chatbot

Microsoft Cortana is a Virtual Assistant that connects to Microsoft's Windows OS.

A little while ago, a race started in which every tech company wanted to integrate some sort of voice interaction service in their devices and operating systems. It was the age that gave us Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. Microsoft didn’t want to be left behind in that competition, so they responded with … Read more

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Chatbot History: What is SmarterChild

SmarterChild talking about his dreams.

SmarterChild was an Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbot created by ActiveBuddy Inc. in 2000. It was designed to be a commercial instant messaging bot and was the first one of its kind. When it was active, the SmarterChild chatbot had a total of 30 million people in its “IM Buddy” list. It was the most famous … Read more

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Chatbot History: Microsoft’s Xiaoice Chatbot or Xiaolce

Microsoft's Xiaoice Chatbot, an emotionally intelligent virtual teenage girl.

Microsoft’s Xiaoice chatbot, sometimes called Xiaolce, is an artificially intelligent system created by Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia on July 6, 2010. The chatbot part of Xiaoice was released in 2014 and is based on an emotional computation network. Xiaoice combines a number of different AI services, one of which is and the Xiaoice chatbot. … Read more

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Chatbot History: Microsoft Zo Chatbot

Microsoft Zo Chatbot.

After the Microsoft Tay chatbot went rogue and was taken down, the company launched Microsoft Zo. She was another English language social chatbot and was released in December 2016 on Kik Messenger and was then made available on Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, and the group chat platform GroupMe. Zo was essentially the English language version … Read more

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