A Brief Biography of Kenneth Colby: The Mind Behind Parry

Dr. Kenneth Colby, the developer of PARRY.

The history of machine intelligence is not merely limited to people whose only job is to write codes in machine language algorithms; instead, there’s a diverse professional sphere within the field of artificial intelligence that has its philosophical and psychiatric implications. Specifically, the notion of consciousness is often discussed in debates about Artificial Intelligence, and … Read more

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Chatbot History: The Parry Chatbot

The Parry Chatbot emulated a person with schizophrenia.

The Parry chatbot, or simply Parry, was created in 1972 by Kenneth Colby, a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University. This chatbot was made to mimic the behavior of a patient of paranoid schizophrenia. It was meant to be an answer to ELIZA, a “doctor” chatbot developed by Carl Rogers. While the chatbot emulates the … Read more

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What is the History of Chatbots?

Chatbot History - from the first description through the Virtual Assistants of today

The history of chatbots is actually much longer than you might think. Because of the complex nature of today’s chatbots, I couldn’t blame you for assuming they were a fairly recent development. But the concept was first discussed as far back as 1950, and the concept of self controlled machines or robots was introduced even … Read more

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