Virtual Assistants: Google Assistant and Google Nest

Google Assistant connects with a number of Google Nest products.

Chatbots are everywhere these days and being one of the biggest players in the tech world, Google had to step up. Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google that is available on all Android devices, and it is arguably the world’s most advanced personal assistant. Google Home, now called Google Nest, is Google’s … Read more

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Virtual Assistants: What is Apple Siri

A man wearing an Apple Smart Watch asking Apple Siri a question.

The Apple Siri chatbot is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant software that comes with almost all of Apple’s products, including their iPhones, Apple TV, iPads, MacBooks, desktop computers, various smart home products by Apple, and their smart wearables. Unlike most of Apple’s products and software, Siri was not developed originally by Apple but was acquired … Read more

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Virtual Assistants: Amazon Alexa Chatbot

A wide array of Amazon Alexa devices.

The Amazon Alexa Chatbot, also referred to as simply Alexa, is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant technology created by Amazon. This virtual assistant system supports voice interaction, provides traffic and weather updates on-demand, and controls smart devices from Amazon and other manufacturers, essentially working as a home automation system. Alexa can be made more useful … Read more

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