The Levi’s Chatbot: Levi’s Virtual Stylist

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate in the current day and age. Artificial intelligence is making gigantic strides every day and perhaps one of the best examples of this is the widespread implementation of chatbots. The latest implementation of AI in chatbots is Levi’s Chatbot, also called Levi’s Virtual Stylist. It is the perfect example of the role that AI is going to play in our future. Levi’s Chatbot which can be best defined as an AI Virtual Stylist is the take of this illustrious clothing brand’s implementation of technology and AI into its chatbot program. The Levi’s Chatbot is intended to act as a virtual stylist for customers helping them figure out and decide which jeans would fit them the best. Levi’s chatbot is aimed at taking the experience of online shopping to the next level. Levi’s virtual stylist is intended to make the job of the customers immensely easier by helping them with the stretch, rise, and fit of their denim collection.

It is not just something that Levi’s is trying out as part of research and development. Levi’s chatbot is a smart business move by Levi’s since it will be helping customers with size and fits, it will significantly reduce the number of returns that they get. Levi’s virtual assistant is exclusively available on Facebook Messenger and their website as of now. It is unclear if Levi’s will launch their chatbot as a completely independent virtual stylist in the future or not. That being said the inclusion of AI in all branches of industry is only inevitable. Levi’s virtual stylist is a sign of things that are to come in the future. Surely other major clothing brands will follow suit and implement their own AI’s in chatbots in the near future. This article is going to tell you all you need to know about Levi’s Chatbot. How it works, what features it boasts, and how it is going to help customers. Keep on reading to find out more.

Levi's Chatbot, or Levi's Virtual Stylist, helps customers on their website find the jeans that will fit them the best.

What are the features of Levi’s Chatbot?

When we go to a clothing store to get some new clothes many of us rely on the expert opinion of the sales staff. They help us and assist us with what we are looking for. Levi’s virtual stylist is essentially a smart new way to tap into the wisdom that is offered to customers by in-store stylists. The only difference is that Levi’s chatbot does not require you to go to the store. It provides you the expert opinion of a stylist on your demand. Here are some of the major features that the Levi’s Chatbot is offering:

  • A more personalized experienceLevi’s Virtual Stylist is a combination of the expertise of in-store stylists and AI. It gives you the best of both worlds. You get the expert opinion on style without having to go to the store and you can summon Levi’s chatbot whenever you want. It will tell what looks good on you and which size and fit you should go for in a conversational tone. Getting fashion advice has never been easier. It makes your shopping experience better and more personalized.
  • More than just Algorithms – The problem with chatbots in the past has been that they have been too mechanical. They have for the longest time lacked that personal touch that all customers crave. This is mainly because most chatbots rely on just algorithms to figure out your needs. Levi’s virtual stylist is a little different. First of all, it has the added benefit of being an AI which means that it will actually understand what you are saying and try to learn from it, in order to give you better advice and secondly, Levi’s chatbot does not entirely rely on algorithms. Levi’s has incorporated real-life training that they give to their in-store stylists into the chatbot. So, when you are communicating with the chatbot, you are talking to more than just an algorithm.
  • The right fit – Technology has come a long way since it’s inception. Levi’s chatbot helps you get the perfect fit every time. It does this through a feature called TrueFit. It is a feature that Levi’s has introduced in the chatbot that allows the chatbot to understand your preferences and give you the right suggestions. It asks you relevant questions like the kind of fit and style that you are looking for to personalize the suggestions. With the help of Levi’s virtual stylist, you will get the right fit every time.
  • Share your experience – Levi’s chatbot is more than just a virtual stylist. It is a platform that is giving customers the opportunity to share their experience with products to help fellow customers. If any customer is looking for a second opinion, then the share option in the chatbot connects the customer with other customers who can then give their opinions about the information that you share with them.
  • Seeing is believing – There are many reasons why it is simply not enough to imagine how you will look in a piece of clothing. To help the customers actually see what a pair of jeans would like on their body Levi’s virtual stylist uses a feature called “see it styled”. This essentially allows the customer to actually see what the jeans would actually look like on them. This is done using image recognition technology. It allows users to see what they would look like in a certain pair of jeans and also give them a reference point by sharing images of other customers who have tried the specific pair of jeans that they are looking to buy.

The Levi's Chatbot includes the same training their in-store stylists have, making it a true Virtual Stylist.

Why is this a game-changer?

Let’s be honest here. Chatbots are hardly something new. They have been around for quite a while now and have been implemented by almost all mass consumer-based industries. They are a great way to improve your relationship with your customers and help improve their shopping experience. But what makes Levi’s virtual stylist special or different? Well, Levi’s Chatbot is what you can call the second generation of chatbots. It is quite different from the traditional chatbots that you will find in abundance on the market. Levi’s virtual stylist is simply smarter and more persuasive. Here is how it is going to affect the bottom line of Levi’s:

  • Improve conversion rate – When the customer is interested in buying a product but cannot make up their mind, there has to be some sort of persuasion from the seller to sway the customer towards making the purchase. When it comes to Levi’s they are in the business of clothing which means that they need something that can show the customer how they will look with the new pair of denim that they are looking to buy. When they actually see how it looks on them, they are more likely to make up their mind quickly and not leave the decision for the next. Day. This is a huge advantage to have because it is really going to improve the conversion rate of the traffic that Levi’s will get on their website.
  • The AI effect – There are several advantages that AI offers. It is perfect because it has no sort of implicit bias. Since it is not a person, you don’t have to like it. So, the barriers that can sway a customer against buying something are eliminated by using AI. Then there is the factor of convenience. Levi’s virtual assistant is providing fashion advice and suggestions to a customer who is at their home sitting on their couch. Had it not been for Levi’s chatbot this customer would not have been able to get this expert advice without physically going to the store. This convenience can have a major effect on how the customer interacts with a brand. It improves engagement levels.
  •  Future implementations – The plus point of technology is that it has no limitations. Levi’s virtual stylist is a gateway for Levi’s to further research and implements new features in the future. This is a step by Levi’s that shows their foresight and understanding of the importance of technology. More features such as AR etc will make the experience for the customers even better.
  • A more fulfilling experience – Last but not least is the basic function of the chatbot, to make the experience of the customer a pleasant one. Levi’s chatbot is going to massively improve the customer experience. It is going to always provide the customers a personalized stylist in their pockets. It is going to make online shopping from Levi’s more convenient and more meaningful for them. This is the kind of relationship that leads to the development of brand loyalty.

The Levi's Virtual Stylist offers an improved online shopping experience by helping customers find what they need faster and easier, it's also quite fun to interact with.

In Conclusion

It is amazing to see how AI and chatbots are changing the way people shop online. The features and advantages that you get with Levi’s chatbot are nothing short of impressive. If we keep on building on the foundation that these chatbots are laying down then pretty soon we will have more advanced technology and implementation of AI that will make our lives much easier.

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