What Are the Best AI Chatbots? 8 Highly Recommended Chatbots!

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Chatbots are computer-generated programs that operate via machine learning mechanisms. The best AI Chatbots can create and mimic user conversations by using their artificial intelligence and learning abilities.

Chatbots are now used in many applications such as Amazon and eBay and have multiple uses, such as virtual assistants. Chatbots are of various specialties and are dispersed in many fields such as E-commerce, health, finance, news, entertainment, and social media platforms.

In this article, we’ll discuss our choices for the best AI Chatbots available out there and illustrate their various uses in their respective platforms.

8 Best AI Chatbots

The following list includes the 8 best AI Chatbots used in a number of different fields.

MobileMonkey offers some of the best AI chatbots available.

1. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is one of the top artificial intelligence platforms used to develop chatbots today. It is used to generate Chatbots for Facebook Messenger. This Chatbot is very advanced and has several useful features including the ability to notify you about any conversations which might require the attention of a human agent.

It efficiently manages conversations while mimicking a conversation with a human agent; it is used by the business accounts to manage their chats with customers. It can engage with many chats at the same time, and businesses use this Chatbot to initiate conversations with their customers.

MobileMonkey does have a free option available, but it is limited to only 1,000 chats a month and keeps the MobileMonkey branding. For higher volumes, they have three different paid plans available that allow you to remove the MobileMonkey branding, including:

Pro Plan

  • Costs $14.95 for 2,000 chats a month
  • Allows 2 users to help manage the chatbot and comes with Email and Live Chat support
  • Adds SMS Tools, Scheduled Sends, access to the MobileMonkey API, and Zapier Integretation.

Pro Unicorn Plan

  • Costs $36.75 for 6,500 chats a month
  • Allows 3 users to help manage the chatbot and comes with Email and Live Chat support
  • Includes everything included in the Pro Plan plus Facebook Ads Integration and Bot Analytics

Team Plan

  • Costs $299.00 for 100,000 chats a month
  • Allows 5 users to help manage the chatbot
  • Includes everything included in the Pro Unicorn Plan plus Bot Cloning and Template Sharing, Custom Branded User Sign-Up, and a Directory Listing.
  • The Team Plan also comes with a 1-hour onboarding session and priority Email and Live Chat support.

They also allow users of their paid plans to purchase additional users and an SMS phone number.

In my opinion, MobileMonkey offers some of the best AI chatbots available today for a fair price, and their Free Plan is a good place to start for most small businesses.

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Pandorabots Chatbots

2. Pandorabots

Pandorabot is a famous and leading AI platform to develop your Chatbots. Besides creating Chatbots, Pandorabot is a great platform for E-learning, entertainment. Education and virtual assistance!

No list of the best AI chatbots is complete without Pandorabots. These chatbots are based on Mitsuku, a chatbot known for being the most human-like Chatbot in the world. It is known for its stimulating conversations, which feel just like a chat with a human. Furthermore, the Chatbot has won the Loebner Prize multiple times for its human-like conversations.

Mitsuku was created by using the AI platform of Pandorabot; anyone can create their Chatbot on Pandorabot using AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-Up Language). Mitsuku does not have any serious functions other than entertaining the users who chat with it, but one is free to create their Chatbot using the platform, which serves different purposes.

The standard version of Mitsuku is free but it doesn’t allow you to actually deploy the chatbot on your website, so it is mainly there as a learning tool. Their paid plans include:

Developer Plan

  • Costs $19.00 a month for 10,000 messages a month
  • Additional messages can be purchased for $3.00 for every 1,000 messages
  • Additional Channels can be purchased for $9.00 per channel
  • Trial Access to their Live Training
  • Email Support
  • Uses Open Source Chat Libraries

Pro Plan

  • Costs $199.00 a month for 100,000 messages a month
  • Additional messages can be purchased for $2.50 for every 1,000 messages
  • Access to their Live Training
  • Support through Email, Live Chat, and Phone
  • Uses Open Source Chat Libraries

Enterprise Plan

  • Costs depend on your needs
  • Includes everything the Pro Plan has plus additional API access, additional 3rd
    party channels, and additional training
  • Adds additional levels of support.
  • Includes the Mitsuku Chatbot Library

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Botsify Chatbots

3. Botsify

Botsify is another smart and simple Chatbot platform that is used in corporate and educational platforms to engage with the users in an interactive way. Botsify is a very easy and simple to use platform which does not require anyone to have advanced coding skills.

Anyone can create Chatbots on the platform for educational, customer service, sales, HR department, and other purposes. The Chatbots created via the platforms can be integrated with websites and social media platforms as per the customer’s need.

Botsify doesn’t have a Free Plan available, but they do allow a 14-day free trial.

Their Paid Plans include:

Personal Plan

  • Includes 2 active chatbots
  • Costs $49.00 a month for 5,000 users
  • Additional users can be added for $10.00 a month
  • Includes an unlimited number of stories, conversations, forms, and media
  • Allows FB Messenger, SMS, and Website deployment
  • Includes message scheduling, basic support, all integrations, and 10 hours of chatbot development
  • Includes a 1-month chat history

Professional Plan

  • Includes 5 active chatbots
  • Costs $149.00 a month for 15,000 users
  • Additional users can be added for $10.00 a month
  • Includes everything in the Personal Plan
  • Adds access to all Botsify Resources
  • Adds 1 complete Chatbot Development
  • Includes a 3-month chat history
  • Adds a Bi-Weekly training of 1 Chatbot free for 12-months

Business Plan

  • Includes 20 active chatbots
  • Costs $499.00 a month for unlimited users
  • Includes everything in the Professional Plan
  • Adds a white-label solution
  • Includes all platforms,
  • Adds 24/7 premium support and a dedicated account manager
  • Adds bi-weekly reporting, a personal onboarding session
  • Includes free development of 3 chatbots, 1-year chat history (though their website says both 1-year and unlimited chat history)
  • Includes Email and Chat support

They also have custom plans available for Enterprise Users.

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A friendly robot

4. Imperson

Imperson is great platform that allows users to build Chatbots. Imperson provides a very active, engaging, personal, and efficient way of interacting with customers. Imperson allows users to develop a personal connection with the Chatbots and makes for a very authentic user experience; the Chatbots can be integrated with websites as well. The deployment is done end-to-end and offers an advanced variety of AI Chatbots.

Imperson didn’t provide pricing information because their chatbots are customized to the business purchasing them. Imperson offers several different kinds of Chatbots, so let’s discuss some of them.

CBS Big Brother

The CBS big brother is used for polls; it can allow users to vote in a pole, ask questions, play games and quizzes, and create memes. The bot includes a very dynamic and real-time admin system as well, which can allow the admin to manage the content of the bot and the voting mechanisms.

Jack In the Box

Jack in the box is a menu Chatbot used for most restaurant apps. It provides a menu with the nutritional value of the food, the bot can also help users find the restaurants’ locations.

Free Murdoc

The Free Murdoc Chatbot is a bot used for the band Gorillaz; it breaks boundaries when it comes to AI storytelling and fan interaction with the band.

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Meya,ai Chatbots screenshot.

5. Meya AI

Meya AI is another platform that is best suited for large E-commerce, financial, telecom, consumer, and internet services. Meya AI allows you to create interactive Chatbots for a variety of business purposes, including conversation and workflow automation, innovation, integration, and other optimal features. The Chatbots can also accumulate data collected from the customer interactions and send them to the admin.

The Chatbots can easily be integrated with CRM websites, social media channels, and other websites. Another great thing about Meya AI is that the platform is used by huge corporations such as Google, Sony, delivery hero, and Aflac.

Pro Plan

  • Includes 1 production app, which includes a chatbot with a live agent backup
  • Includes 4 sandbox apps and allows 7 team members
  • Costs $799.00 a month for 5,000 conversations per month
  • Includes access to the API, CDP and CRM integrations
  • Includes app templates, visual flow editor, programmability, and local development tools
  • Includes analytics and a 30-day log retention
  • Support is available to documentation and email

Partner Plan

  • Costs $2500.00 a month for unlimited users
  • Includes 15 sandbox apps and allows 10 team members
  • Allows the partner to create and sell chatbots to their customers
  • Includes everything in the Pro Plan
  • Adds custom roles and infosec review
  • Includes live chat support and a dedicated account agent

The Enterprise version allows users to have custom advanced features and is made to be used in large enterprises.

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Bold 360 Chatbots screenshot.

6. Bold360

Bold360 is an AI platform that is suitable for website live chats, messenger chats, and mobile applications. Bold360 is easy to use Chatbot creation tool where users can create highly interactive and intelligent bots, making for a rich user experience that can guide the users throughout personalized buyer journeys and guide them in selecting the products on a given website.

It has advanced features by which users can report the products they don’t like or obtain more information about the products they are interested in. One can also use the Chatbot to accumulate data from the customers as the AI Chatbots obtain information from them and send them to the admin.

Bold360 is capable of generating Chatbots with advanced features such as the Chatbots that can interact in over 40 languages and live chat messaging. Bold360 is a great tool for tech agents, employees, and HR departments. Due to its rich customer service features, the app is utilized large firms and enterprises such as UK Mail, RBS, Webs.com, and Sullivan University.

They don’t supply prices up front, but their plans include:

Agent Plan

  • Comes with live chat for desktop and mobile
  • Includes Email, Text Messaging, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Video chat.
  • Includes File transfer, co-browsing, visitor monitoring, skills-based routing
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Analytics
  • Includes auto translation

Service Plan

  • Includes everything from the Agent Plan
  • AI chatbots
  • Adds a conversational designer, NLP, and a proactive outreach engine
  • Adds a dynamic search bar, resource management, smart routing, and knowledge management

Acquire Plan

  • Includes everything from the Service Plan
  • Adds an outreach campaign manager, A/B testing, Customizable invitations, and conversion reporting dashboard

Advise Plan

  • Includes NLP, Portal Templates, Knowledge Management, Salesforce Integration, a Chrome Browser Extension, Article Suggestions, Comments, and an Insights Dashboard

Helpdesk Plan

  • Includes everything from the Agent Plan
  • Adds AI Chatbots, the conversational designer, NLP, and integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Adds a Chrome Browser Extension, Knowledge Management, an Agent Smart Advisor
  • Includes a Custom Intent Library and a deployment guide

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7. Aivo

is the best platform or creating chatbots that have a semantic environment around them and can interact with humans in an error-free way. The bots can be highly advanced because they employ deep machine learning when interacting with users. They can identify the semantic intent behind the messages, such as interpreting the errors, slang words, emojis, voice messages, and regional differences in the language.

Aivo allows users to create bots with advanced features such as support for over 50+languages, deep learning-based NLP, data privacy, advanced reporting features, and alerts. Aivo can allow users to create Chatbots with the intelligent and interactive mode of engaging with the users.

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8. ManyChat

The ManyChat platform is a popular platform that allows us to generate automated conversations, often using Facebook messenger and by utilizing the marketing personnel. ManyChat platforms allow users to create Chatbots that can book appointments, sell products, provide and obtain the users’ contact information, and build personal relationships with the users utilizing the Facebook messenger.

ManyChat allows users to create Chatbots that can send automated messages to the users interacting with it. ManyChat AI Chatbots are not limited to merely a messenger. One can also use the Chatbots’ features to integrate it with other websites and platforms, and emails.

ManyChat Chatbots can perform a plethora of services such as collecting data from the customers, sending and scanning QR code, guiding the customers about a product they are interested in, and providing them information about a topic they are curious about.

ManyChat AI easily integrates with Google sheets and other platforms and is remarkably a simple user interface and layout famous for its easy-to-use drag and drop feature. Users praise this simple interface as it makes up for a very easy implementation experience.

Free Plan

  • Allows unlimited subscribers
  • Includes basic quick start templates, two drip sequences
  • Includes audience segmentation with 10 tags
  • Comes with four growth tools, a visual flow builder, rich media conversations, unlimited broadcasts, and landing pages including web widgets

Pro Plan

  • Starts at $10 for 500 subscribers
  • Includes everything from the Free Plan
  • Adds advanced quick start templates, unlimited drip sequences, unlimited audience audience segmentation, and unlimited growth tools
  • Allows the collection of subscriber data, connection with facebook ads, sponsored messages
  • Adds A/B testing, advanced automation, integrations with CRM, Email Marketing, and more
  • Includes Buy Buttons, Email Marketing, and 50 free SMS messages per month.

The price of the Pro Plan increases as more subscribers are added, with 25,000 subscribers for $145 per month.

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In Conclusion

There are a wide variety of chatbot options, and which one you choose should depend on the size of your business and budget, your actual needs, and which company offers the level of service. In the end, any list of the best AI chatbots is going to be biased by the interests and needs of the organization creating the list.

Personally I’m a huge fan of MobileMoney and ManyChat for their pricing and the options they offer. But your decision needs to take the factors above and your audience into account.

We hope that the list was helpful for you; please feel free to give your remarks in the comments section given below.

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4 thoughts on “What Are the Best AI Chatbots? 8 Highly Recommended Chatbots!”

  1. I never realized that there so many chatbots on the market these days. I have used them in the past but I find that some of the answers can be too automated and generic to be of any use to me at this time. But I can see the AI world growing in leaps and bounds as the technology improves.

    • Kevin,

      I agree the “button bots” can be too generic unless you spend a great deal of time creating one, and even then they are too limited in scope to be truly helpful. Some of the AI bots mentioned here are a combination of the button bot style with some AI behind them, MobileMonkey is the best option as far as budget for a small business if you’re looking to add one to your site or on Facebook Messenger.

      Let me know if can answer any questions for you in the future.

  2. Chatbots are pretty much the future of online business. Chatbots ensure smart, personalized engagement where messages, operations, and human support can be combined in one experience. To build your bot, the first thing to do is a clear assessment of what your business lacks right now, what problem you are going to solve with your bot.


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