What are the Best Chatbots for Customer Service?

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Customer service is one of the main reasons why chatbots are used today, and it makes sense. The best chatbots for customer service can help a company reduce the response time and hours staff spends answering basic questions. All that means the business can spend more time focusing on growing their business.

It is due to their efficient working that many companies have shifted their attention in having for their customer service management. Customer service providers are a company’s front face and play a key role in setting the impression on its customers. In any case, not every person concedes to what it is or how to do it well.

The vast majority consider customer service as something that happens when individuals having an issue with any service or product contact the company. That is truly just a large portion of the story, however. Winning customers is about how quickly you resolve your client’s problem or how to make them feel comfortable in the process.

And that is where chatbots come into action. They automate this customer service process altogether by leaving most of the customers either happy with their interactions or even up to the extent where no human involvement is required. The chatbot service should be so user-friendly that your customers do not recognize whether the beneficiary on the opposite side of the discussion is even human or a bot.

The following are some of the strongest options that you can consider to transform your customer service game.

Chatfuel is one of the best chatbots for customer service available.

1. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is easy to understand, adaptable for custom coding, open to outsider modules, and requires no past coding experience. The AI chatbot offers live updates on information, news, and features to keep your essential commitment with clients new and educated. In such a manner, support from the local area is uncontrollably useful and continually offers better approaches to win over custom coding. Keeping a solid harmony between the cutting-edge custom coding and easy-to-use devices keeps up Chatfuel at the first spot on the list of NLP stages.

Dialogflow is among the best AI and NLP chatbots you can use in customer service.

2. Dialogflow

Dialogflow has been viewed as the best of the best among AI and Natural Language Processing software. Going side by side with both voice and text AI applications like Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa, it’s no big thing why Dialogflow is the most used and famous chatbot language preparing instrument for organizations with wide client bases.

Dialogflow’s voice acknowledgments and text mix length across Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio, Slack, and Skype are worth quoting examples of its widespread usage. It advances with its customer organizations to remain refreshed with the steadily changing language of the clients.

Twyla.ai offers checks on ROI, which can be incredibly helpful with any customer service or marketing effort.

3. Twyla.ai

Twyla.ai is said to be a hybrid brain because of the number of technical advantages it gives to the clients; no other software works like it. Twyla allows users to have a check on the performance indicators and evaluate the ROI with the help of their highly efficient analytics dashboards. By doing so, clients can easily observe the number of chats a bot is having and how many interactions are heading towards human agents or successful results.

Bold360 includes some major companies among their clients, including IKEA, and it is one of the best chatbots for customer service that you can buy.

4. Bold360ai

The next name on our list of the best chatbots for customer service is Bold360ai, which can work with a wide range of organizations. It helps companies to extend their skill set by just using the right chatbot and helpful AI. Some of the notable companies that use Bold360ai include Ikea, Vodafone, RBS, Thomas Cook, JustFab, Intuit, ToysRUs, and FedEx.

Bold360 aims at keeping the customers engaged by informing them about the company’s products and services.  Moreover, this chatbot is ready to produce results from the very first day and allows companies to build more productive ways of customer service through both AI and agent-based interactions.

Liveperson's Conversational Cloud chatbot platform is a little mind blowing, and their website never gets down to pricing, so you know it's going to be pricey. That said, it does belong on any list of the best chatbots for customer service made.

5. Liveperson Conversational Cloud

Formerly known as Conversable, before being purchased by Liveperson, this is one of the best and biggest chatbot platforms around. It is used by a number of big names like Marvel, Pizza Hut, TGI, and more. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company provides AI-powered messages and voice integrations across various platforms. For a large organization that has reasonable investment at back and can afford to hire coding experts, this service can prove to be a game-changer in winning customers with their chatbot interactions.

ManyChat's list of available tools and wonderful user interface make it a great option for those looking for something to give them a quick start.

6. ManyChat

ManyChat comes with many ready-to-use tools and an impressive user interface that makes it one of the best chatbots to work with. Even the people, who have no coding skills and planning for AI implementation can easily go with ManyChat. It helps out new and fresh learners to start cooperating and learning about chatbot execution.

More interestingly, ManyChat nearly won a race where all the contenders were trying to be the most engaging. The race was held between different Bot platforms in early 2016.

Botsify is another chatbot company trying to make chatbots more approachable for all. It's a solid option for customer service.

7. Botsify

Botsify is yet another company that works on the approach of making chatbots for everyone, and not just for the coding masters. In addition to convenience and many other useful functionalities, Botsify also lets the users get push notifications every time someone requests human help. It also offers dedicated chatbot templates for different businesses such as restaurants, travel agencies, etc., and allows the customers to start the chat again from where it last ended.

8. BotEngine

Last but not least chatbot for customer service on our list is none other than BotEngine. This company with a tagline of “Enter the Future of Botting” comes with a mission to automate 80% of business processes; making things much easier for the entrepreneurs. It is simply designed to do the work you don’t want to, like taking food orders or bookings. BotEngine can integrate with and available to be used at various social networking platforms such as Twitter, Messenger, Skype, YouTube, Slack, Kik, and many others.

Final Thoughts                                   

The usage of chatbots in the customer service industry is advancing with every passing day. As per the percentages found, over 67% of shoppers overall utilized a chatbot for customer service in the previous year. 40% of buyers don’t mind whether a chatbot or a genuine human aids them, as long as they are getting the assistance they need. Chatbots can set aside 30% in customer service costs and help organizations save money on client support costs by accelerating reaction times and replying to up to 80% of routine inquiries.

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