What are the Best Chatbots for Disaster Management?

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Chatbots are computer programs that are made and designed to interact with humans. The best chatbots for Disaster Management can decode the information provided to them, whether in the form of spoken words or typed letters, and they answer accordingly, eliminating the human error elements in disastrous situations. They are ready to interact 24/7, and with the help of AI, they can handle multiple conversations at the same time.

Here are some of the best Chatbots for Disaster Management Situations that are very effective in dealing with emergency situations in general. Have a look at them.

VSoft creates some of the best chatbots for disaster management response.

1. VSoft Chatbot

VSoft worked together with AIIC (AI Innovation Consortium) to design AI-powered Chatbot which is free for all the government sectors whether it’s local, state, or federal sector. This is for sure one of the very best Chatbots for disaster management that are made to date.

VSoft Chatbot ensures uninterrupted coordination between the response groups and is very helpful in providing updates about the current situation. Just as other Chatbots, VSoft Chatbot is available all day long to respond, answer, and record incidents. This Chatbot can route different action plans to responsive groups as well. It acquires government information with more clarity and transparency. Its ability to assess information faster makes it unique. As Chatbots interact with users, so they help the government in gathering information about the safety statistics of people. It studies and decodes the words and behavior of people who interact with it and perform actions accordingly such as calling 911 or emergency services. It responds to requests in a faster way because there is no human involvement involved.

The Disaster Relief chatbot was created to help the organization respond quickly to the numerous requests for help they were getting after Texas was struck by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

2. Direct Relief Chatbot

Texas in 2017 was struck by Hurricane Harvey. The humanitarian groups who provide aid were unable to respond to so many messages that were coming to Facebook messenger. Two days and even more were required to respond to all of these messages. At that time Direct Relief designed a bot with the help of Chatfuel to respond quickly. It was made to save more lives due to its efficiency as Chatbots are considered more efficient than humans as they respond quickly. The response time of this Chatbot is even less than a minute and it handled more than Six Thousand requests with an average time of even less than sixty seconds which is great for emergencies or disaster management situations.

rescue.io is another chatbot designed specifically for the disaster management space,

3. Rescue.io

Rescue.io is another Chatbot that is extensively used in disastrous situations. There are numerous examples of disastrous situations i.e. if you see a bomber entering a street or something like that. Rescue provides you with the option of pressing just a few buttons and alerting your loved ones without disturbing people nearby.

Imagine if you’re in an emergency situation, how you are going to tell anyone so that they could help maybe. In these kinds of emergencies, rescue makes it possible for you to inform your loved ones so they become aware of your situation. This Chatbot can provide your actual location to your pre-selected contacts in emergencies. As, there are greater chances that people would use emergency call services for fun purposes too so this Chatbot would be a perfect deal, in case you want to avoid or deal with disastrous situations in a better and more efficient way. Rescue Chatbot provides multi-channel messaging to further help organizations and humans to get in contact with first responders.

In the Orlando shooting, there was a male named Eddie Justice. He was hiding in a restroom and he texted his mother before he left this world. We can’t even get a fair idea that how many lives could be saved if his mother and authorities received any additional information at that time. As Rescue Chatbot provides accurate locations, hence it could be very beneficial to lessen the risks of disasters. Even a 911 supervisor said that they are trying to save as many lives as they can with the technology they have. We can improve conversations infrastructure as till now, Rescue team members were able to manage over Six thousand conversations and they are enthusiastic about introducing this technology throughout the U.S. As discussed before, all 911 centers are not capable of the exact location of mobiles through which they are contacted. Rescue Chatbot could be very helpful in this kind of scenario as they’re optimistic to get involved with law enforcement agencies, security teams of different campuses, and other emergency providers as well.

GetJenny built some of the early chatbots that helped the response to COVID-19 and they are constantly being revised.

4. GetJenny Chatbot

This Chatbot is basically Corona information Chatbot that is used for the purpose it serves respectively. This Chatbot utilizes facts and figures from multiple sources and provides you with up-to-date and to-the-point information related to COVID 19. It’s thoroughly being monitored and gets updated twice a day by GetJenny. It is available for free and anyone can use it on their websites respectively. It makes sure that anyone who is getting benefited from it gets current information to visitors of their websites. Their makers claim that the idea behind creating this Chatbot that they must spread actual and factual information to the community as a lot of misinformation is being spread.

The Wireless Emergency Alerts were created by FEMA to help manage major disasters in the US, and they have proven to be one of the best tools implemented in recent years.

5. WEA

The Wireless Emergency Alert, more commonly known as the WEA system was developed by Federal Emergency Management Agency which is usually known as FEMA. WEA is a messaging system that’s presented to the government by providers of wireless carrier systems. In the case of any suspected terrorist activity which is going to take place or In the case of any natural disaster or If in case,  any kind of emergency situation arises, The president himself or FEMA can send WEA messages. In the future, the maximum size of the WEA message is being considered to extend to 360 characters. Right now, the maximum limit of a WEA message is merely 90 characters. A terrorist suspect named Ahmad Khan Rahami was also caught within an hour when WEA was used.

The Final Verdict

AI (Artificial intelligence) already is making a lot of difference in almost every field. Be it business, health, or even disaster management. We are never sure when an emergency would pave its way in normal circumstances. But if we will be prepared for any emergency, only then, we can reduce its damage. Therefore, Chatbots and AI can be very useful for such situations.

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