What are the Best Chatbots for Real Estate?

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If you are in the business of real estate, you probably get a lot of questions from prospective customers, and it might be difficult to answer them all. Customers want to know everything before they make any decision about their property, and sometimes they don’t even know the questions they need to ask. Chatbots can help a lot in handling these tasks.

The best chatbots for Real Estate can speed up the process of replying to general questions and can even connect to your listings to make suggestions about properties to potential buyers or renters. That means they can provide the information the customers ask for when the customer is looking instead of calling back during business hours. And they take less time doing so than even the best real estate agents.

But what’s the bottom line? Well, everyone appreciates a faster response and timely service. That speed means the customers are more likely to stick around and spend time exploring properties on your website, which means you spend more time showing properties and making money. That speed can also bring in more customers through word of mouth.

But before I bore you to death with the benefits of chatbots, let’s get into why you’re here in the first place. Some of the best chatbots for real estate are discussed briefly below.

1. MobileMonkey

As our prime focus is to quicken the process of replies, we can completely rely on MobileMonkey for this purpose. MobileMonkey is designed to be used for web chat, live chat, SMS, as a Facebook Messenger bot, and to handle Omnichannel marketing. Although it is widely used in the real estate business, it was not solely developed for this purpose.

MobileMonkey also has some friendly guides for using your chatbot for the real estate market. One of the best features is that you can use it on mobile as well as the web. It is ideal for handling Zapier and other integrations. MobileMonkey also enables you to cater to the needs of various clients across the globe, as it is multi-lingual.

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2. Brivity

Brivity is another popularly known and widely used AI chatbot for real estate businesses. The manufacturers developed it to be a chatbot plus a human hybrid platform. Unlike MobileMonkey, it is specially designed for customer handlings in the real estate market. It offers various noteworthy beneficial functionalities such as providing a click-to-call feature, text lead capture, home valuation sites connected to your CRM, listing alerts email drips, and Auto-generate landing pages on IDX property and search pages.

3. WP-Chatbot (Powered by MobileMonkey)

If you are managing your real estate business through a WordPress site, which most of the real estate businesses do, you cannot go wrong with WP-Chatbot. WP-Chatbot is one of the best chatbots available for real estate agents to easily manage their business through WordPress. It provides you with an easily manageable chat app on WordPress. It provides your customers with greeting messages to build the best first impression. The chatbot supports various languages, so you don’t have to worry about catering to customers across the globe.

It is widely used for adding messenger customer chat in web applications. WP-chatbot faces no problem in keeping complete chat history and contacts storage for future use. It can offer detailed positioning, customization, and branding. Your clients would love its simple way of interacting, and some won’t even realize that they are being handled by a bot and not a human being.

4. Roof.ai

Are you worried about your business accounts and need reliable virtual assistance? Level up your game with Roof.ai!  It is an AI learning chatbot that provides exceptional service when it comes to virtual assistance. It is an ideal choice for providing services like capturing, qualifying, and routing leads to agents on your team.

It answers frequently asked questions, provides marketing automation tools, offers behavioral tracking, has integrations for CRMs, and provides solutions for marketing, customer care, mortgage, and recruiting. The Roof.ai is autonomous and keeps learning from interactions with your customers. That is a perfect feature to find in a chatbot, as you don’t have to worry about manual updating or upgrades.

5. Ask Avenue

Its name says a lot about its connection to the real estate market. Ask Avenue is specifically designed to provide assistance in the real estate business. It is a chatbot to human software that assists you with your customer handlings. It offers message shortcuts and saves replies, hold chat transcripts, reports to the dashboard, sends in automated greeting messages, allows the customers to have real-time chat notifications on their mobile phones, and even offers live chat options. You can purchase it at about $59 per month for up to 100 conversations. The second package allows you to get 300 conversations for $249 for a month. You can also get unlimited conversations for a month for $649.

6. Chatra.io

Chatra.io is an AI chatbot that builds up a comfortable live chat platform for your users. It provides your clients with the easiest way to connect to your business instantly and in real-time. It also offers an offline message service along with live chat. Like many other high-end and popular chatbots, it offers its services in various languages. It stores conversation history for later use. It allows Zapier integrations to send in notifications and triggers to the customers.

Chatra.io is very easy to install and that is one of its top-selling points. People prefer it over many chatbots due to its convenience and easy interface. In addition to all the above-mentioned features, providing proactive chat invitations, typing insights, a real-time visitor list, and saved replies are some of the additional perks you get with it.

7. Flow XO

Flow XO is another platform that comes with a solution to build chatbots, host them, and deploy them to various channels. If you are a small to medium-sized real estate business and looking for a good chatbot under average rates, you can definitely rely on Flow XO. It provides your business with lead capture tools, answers queries, accepts payments, and manages different social media accounts on Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, and WebChat.

To Conclude

Like many other businesses, real estate clients require good customer support and timely handling of any inquiries if they’re going to stick around. Chatbots can save your time and provide these in-time services to your customers according to their requirements. However, while selecting the right chatbot, make a list of features you are looking for, estimate your budget, and make sure to choose a real estate-specific chatbot rather than the general chatbot. They may cost a little more on the front end, but the time you’ll save setting them up properly will be worth it.

Whichever chatbots you look at, be sure to evaluate all the pros and cons of the platform before making the final decision.

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