What are the Best Chatbots for Sales?

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Today many companies rely on bots for managing various business tasks. The best chatbots for sales, or Sales Bots are basically designed to provide a certain group of people with the material and tools that are needed to sell products successfully. In this generation, chatbots make the whole process a lot easier and hassle-free. With the help of the instruments and content, chatbots make the deals more productive and effective. Every business looks forward to increasing their sales, so for that, they need to update their ways of customer support from time to time, and chatbots for that reason are the most advanced and user-friendly way to do so.

Chatbots are not only convenient for the consumers but they also give great customer support that brings more and increased sales in the future. The websites which prefer using chatbots are now the ones that stand out in the whole world.

Some of the best chatbots that can be used for enhancing sales are listed below:

Intercom Chatbots are one of the best chatbots for sales.

1) Intercom

Intercom is one of the popular messaging software used by various companies for managing sales and for customer support. They only deal with three ways of communication yet the best thing about intercom is that you can pick whatever option and pay accordingly. The three ways of communication are inbox, article, and messages.

  • Inbox deals with the customers who are longing for a proper discussion and gives the best advice. It is built-in with automated work processes which bring in great and feasible ideas to the customer according to their situation.
  • The article is yet another way to facilitate the customer according to their needs. For example, if the client comes up with many relevant problems, the chatbot assists them with articles that cover all of their needs.
  • Messages offer several features like different styles and tones of delivering the message and information. It is also responsible to send what kind of message to the specific target audience.

Hubspot has some incredible features, making it one of the best chatbots for sales available.

2) HubSpot

HubSpot plays a great role when it comes to providing a convenient selling platform for its customers. It has a chatbot feature that makes it simpler and easier to do certain tasks like book occasions, provide answers to their questions, create support tickets, and not only that but it also carries a human-talking style which makes the customer more comfortable with the chatbot. HubSpot does not put pressure on its employees so it allows certain parts to the accountable leads, for example, if a customer comes up with a request related to sales so HubSpot automatically hands over to the salesman, hence HubSpot benefits the employees as well as its customers. HubSpot’s live chat helps in the sales department by converting new leads and close more deals but it can also work as a chatbot used for customer support.

Drift is one of the best chatbots for sales.

3) Drift

Drift is a platform that comes with a chatbot assistant not only grabs good leads but also does it a lot faster than other platforms. Their feature includes a chatbot, email, real-time conversation, and integration. Chatbot assists the guests coming to this site and helps them with their queries. You can assemble emails as well without leaving drift and side by side it has a chat widget that helps you and customers to cooperate. Drift is trusted by more than 100,000 organizations around the world.

Freshchat by Freshworks is a chatbot software that helps make building sales and customer service chatbots easy.

4) Freshchat

Freshchat is a software, which is made by Freshworks organization that helps in bringing in customers and give customer care services anywhere around the globe. Freshchat also provides an option where you can categorize the conversation and assign it to the respective department, after which the customer is given the right piece of information required.

Zendesk Chat offers fantastic chatbot solutions for simple sales tools to advanced selling techniques, making it one of the best chatbots for sales available today. It also works with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other popular CMS options.

5) Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a software built-in with high-tech and advanced features to raise business deals and to increase sales. Zendesk stands tall from all other software as it provides a feature where you can customize the chatbot according to your choice and then place it on any other sites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and more. Zendesk chat was first known as Zopim and is controlled by AI. It covers sending the correct information to the client, it includes procedures in the chatbot so you can ask inquiries, it shares screenshots or any other documents and it also keeps a check to track the chat and keep a record of the whole experience.

Zendesk Chat is a very user-friendly software that can easily be downloaded on any gadget and support agents can later download these applications for android or iOS.

UserEngage is a great choice for sales, particularly if you want a single chatbot to do multiple things for you.

6) UserEngage

UserEngage plays like an all-in-one platform for advertising, sales, and customer service. This software helps in sending promotional and e-commerce messages, it keeps a track of customer’s queries, it is built-in with personalized texts and offers, and also automates the answers with a bot.

UserEngage investigation, CRM, computerization will take your client assistance to the next top level. It focuses on bringing more traffic to their website which directly will bring in more leads and hence increase their engagement. The program has various pop-ups when a customer arrives on their site to engage them and keeps a plus point in keeping their customer care and support up to the mark.

In Conclusion

Over the most recent five years, chatbots have been everywhere around the globe and their use is now mainstream. Chatbots fulfill the need of a human specialist and showcase that technology has turned out to be vast. They clear the communication gap and speak to the customers and ask about how their experience was.

Customer engagement is crucial for the success of any business, and especially when it comes to sales. This is the main reason why websites now focus on buying chatbots as they not only fulfill your desires but also deals with the customers with great care. We have provided you with different options that can be used as a conversation platform for your business. Intercom and Drift are the most commonly used services, however, we recommend you to try the trial services of different platforms and see which one fits your requirements.

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