What Are the Best Chatbots for Shopify?

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If you want to run a successful online business, you need to be on top of everything going on in your company, especially public relations. Business these days is fast, and the sheer amount of transactions and queries arising from the customers cannot be handled by a single person or even a small team. This purpose can be served by chatbots that automate the process of responding to customers and clients.

Being one of the leading multinational online marketplaces, Shopify gets a lot of traffic, and the vendors need to get a chatbot to handle the public relations, marketing, inventory management, and customer support thing. Here are some of the best chatbots for Shopify that you can use to improve customer service or after-sales support.

What are the best chatbots for Shopify?

What Are the Best Chatbots for Shopify?

Shopify bots are a great way of automating your store and can earn you serious profits by carrying out tasks with the perfection that humans cannot. It is also an extremely efficient approach to the management of online marketplaces instead of hiring a lot of people and accommodating them in an office to do the same thing, and that too with a lower degree of accuracy and far higher possibility of things going wrong.

Another benefit of these bots is that they are free from the clutches of family life and sleep. They can operate 24/7, not only saving your time but also being there at times when you could not have been and save a potential sale from slipping away.

Here are some of the best chatbots for Shopify that can help make running a successful store easier for you.

The Tidio Chatbot for Shopify.

1) Tidio

Tidio is one of the most famous chatbot apps available for Shopify. It has a portfolio of 20 templates that you can choose from in order to make a chatbot for your own use.

It takes care of both customer support and lead generation and can act as an autopilot for your Shopify store. You can run your store in a profitable way by putting in the least effort.

This is a free chatbot that you can use with Shopify. If you need to hire a second bot, it costs $18, and you can get custom payment plans that suit your nature of use.

The Gobot Chatbot for Shopify.

2) Gobot

Gobot is a Shopify chatbot that is focused on expanding your business and increasing your revenue. It tries to achieve that by increasing sales, average order value, and conversion rate.

This chatbot can make the difference between a successful sale and a deal gone bad. It can facilitate sales by answering frequent questions, collecting and sorting emails, and offering preset discounts on the best occasion.

Gobot is quite a popular Shopify Chatbot with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Some users faced problems concerning after-sales support, and some found the app too complicated to be operated a layman. It is offered free for smaller sellers, and larger stores can avail of the enterprise plans.

The Tobi Chatbot for Shopify.

3) Tobi

Tobi is focused on increasing traffic to online stores. It provides information about the brand or the store via cellular messages and Messenger messages. It also has a feature that can remind people of their incomplete purchases so that they can complete them. It can also help with giving away discount codes and vouchers. It can also generate payment receipts.

This bot does all that by interacting with people via Facebook and cellphone number. You will need to ask your customers to provide information about their Facebook profiles and their phone number, and some people might not be comfortable with that.

The Kit Chatbot for Shopify.

4) Kit

The Kit chatbot is the most widely used Facebook Marketing Partner among small enterprises. It analyzes your brand or store and comes up with the best marketing strategy that you can use. It lets you control the operations of your store from commands via text messages so that you can stay on top of it even if you are on vacation.

This free Shopify is preferred by a lot of vendors on the platform because of the level of marketing support it provides, especially to the people who have no experience in marketing and digital sales.

The Shop Workflow Automation Chatbot for Shopify.

5) Shop Workflow Automation

The Shop Workflow Automation Shopify bot is a complete package for automating your store. You can configure it to respond with the most appropriate actions in case of the events likely to happen.

It is also great at keeping track of the stock and can maintain proper stock books, and can even automatically place orders for new inventory in case of stocks running low.

You can use the basic version of this bot free, and the premium one with all the cool quirks and useful features costs $9.99 a month.

The AIObot Chatbot for Shopify.

6) AIO Bot (v2)

AIO Bot makes it possible for vendors on Shopify to maintain their stock in an efficient way. AIO Bot works by keeping a close eye on your store’s transactions and ordering the items that are running low. It can order new items from any vendor of your choosing. It also has a feature that helps it keep the inventory of the supplier under its radar. In this way, it can order items that are short in supply with relative ease and efficiency.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Chatbot for Shopify

If you want to get a bot for your Shopify store, you need to make clear what is the nature of the job you’ve required for the chatbot. Then you have to consider the size of your store and the volume of your sales. It will help you guide whether you need the bot intended for small users or the one designed for the top sellers.

In Summary

Shopify bots can automate every aspect of your store, ranging from marketing and lead generation to automatically replenishing inventory. You can use the one that suits your store’s size and type. All of these tools work wonders in the field they are meant for. You can also use more than one chatbot to cover different aspects of your store.

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