What Are the Best Chatbots for YouTube?

Selecting a chatbot for YouTube can be a little confusing. There are several great choices, and this article will go into the four best chatbots for YouTube.

But why would you need a YouTube chatbot? Well, as your exposure on YouTube grows, you’ll wind up getting more and more comments and other interactions from your viewers. Eventually, this will take up more time than creating content for your channel, that’s when you need someone to moderate these things for you. Hiring a moderator can be helpful to a certain point, but once you have millions of viewers on a live stream or even on a video, you will need an army of assistants to keep things in check, which is not a very practical idea. That’s where chatbots come in.

Chatbots are AI-powered software that interacts with your viewers in a natural way and moderates the comments as you like them to be moderated. The options are plentiful if you want to get a chatbot for YouTube and to make selection easy for you; here are our top picks for YouTube chatbots that you can use to streamline your streaming process.

The Nightbot chatbot is one of the best chatbots for YouTube.

1. Nightbot

Nightbot is a universal auto-moderator that can be used to moderate live streaming chat on YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. Flagship features of this bot include the ability to respond to custom commands, filtering chat, posting regular updates written by the streamer, and moderating the overall activity going on during a live streaming session.

A cool feature of this chatbot is its ability to identify and differentiate users. It can let the regular viewers of your streams bypass the spam filters and hence allows them to be involved with your stream at a greater level.

Here are the salient features of this YouTube chatbot:

  • Customized commands
  • Spam filters with viewer identification
  • Chat logs for future referencing
  • Response to preset FAQs
  • Giveaways
  • Specialized offers and rewards for subscribers

The STreamlabs Chatbot is another great option for YouTube.

2.Streamlabs Chatbot (Ankhbot or Cloudbot)

When Ankhbot first came out, it was selected as the best chatbot, according to a poll held by Streaming tools provider Streamlabs. This chatbot was then acquired by Streamlabs and given the new name Streamlabs Cloudbot. It works with Twitch, Discord, and YouTube and offers more than 100 features. It is clearly not just another YouTube Chat moderator and offers far greater functionality than that.

The most important features of this chatbot include but are not limited to:

  • Customizable commands
  • Chat moderation
  • Games
  • Sound Effects
  • Notifications
  • Song Requests
  • Raffles and giveaways
  • Loyalty system
  • Chat alerts
The StreamElements Chatbot is one of the best chatbots for YouTube because of the community management features it includes.

3. StreamElements Bot

The StreamElements Bot comes with chat filtration and moderating but also incorporates the various features to help the streamers build a community on YouTube. One of the features, which contribute to that, is the regular users being awarded points that help them move up customized leaderboards. It even has a fully customizable stream store where the viewers can redeem the points they have earned. Like any good streaming chatbot, this one also offers a minigame feature to keep the viewers occupied and the ability to link your Twitter account to the live stream.

Here are the most notable features of this YouTube chatbot:

  • Spam filtering
  • Chat moderation
  • Mini games
  • Custom commands
  • Notifications and timed messages
  • Giveaways and loyalty system
  • Overlays and song requests

The Botisimo Chatbot is a great option for YouTube.

4. Botisimo

The Botisimo chatbot is compatible with YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. While it is not something new, it does have all the features found in modern chatbots and some distinctive ones that set it apart from the others.

In addition to the standard chat moderation functions, this streaming chatbot can provide the streamer with advanced analytics to help them understand how well their stream is performing. Every little detail about the stream is logged and displayed in the form of neat graphs to the streamer.

This bot sure has some distinctive useful features, but they come at a price. The free version won’t even allow you to rename the bot or post updates about your streaming on Twitter.

Here are some of the most Useful Features of this chatbot:

  • Custom commands
  • Filter
  • Moderation
  • Prizes, raffles, and giveaways
  • Live polls
  • Voting
  • Time messages/notifications
  • Stream overlays
  • Minigame

The Final Verdict

The market has a lot of options when it comes to YouTube chatbots. New features and software are also entering the market every other day. That means we cannot name one perfect chatbot in this scenario.

However, the chatbots on this list should provide you with a few options and one of them should be a good match for your YouTube Channel. The best possible way to find the proper one for your use is by trying a couple of them.

We hope this article provided some answers for you.
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