What Is A Virtual Agent? Everything You Need to Know

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You may be familiar with chatbots, but there are a few differences between Chatbots and Virtual Agents. So what is a virtual agent? Have you caught up with the trend of using AI for your daily activities? If so, then you have probably heard about Virtual Agents or a Virtual Assistants. In the 21st century, the world has been thoroughly modernized, and the race towards the future has begun.

Intelligent machines are gradually replacing many HR (Human Resource) services, and a virtual agent is one of them. Throughout the article, we shall talk about the numerous details of the Virtual Agent.

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Let’s Dive In!

Today, many advanced companies are using intelligent virtual agents for their tasks as opposed to simple Chatbots. AI helpers have come a long way since their conception. The earliest AI helpers were made to make human tasks easier.

And as of today, the virtual agents do just that and specialize in certain tasks and make it possible for people to do them quickly. Some can be found in medical departments, specialized in taking care of certain diseases or certain patients.

The other can also be found in the E-commerce businesses, Communication platforms such as social media and messaging apps, and casual domains such as groceries. As we move on to the next section, you will better understand a virtual agent.

What Is A Virtual Agent?

The appropriate definition of a virtual agent is an AI that helps customers with customer service and support issues across various communication domains, just like a human agent. An intelligent virtual agent does many advanced tasks such as managing customers, taking care of products, and logistics.

A virtual agent can also assist a human agent during live customer interaction by providing the human agent with helpful advice and valuable information on the given topic throughout the conversation. Intelligent virtual agents can assist a human agent as well and increase the overall productivity.

Using chatbots for customer service: a friendly robot helping bring customers into a store.drive

Should You Create A Virtual Agent App for Your Company?

Many companies today use intelligent virtual agents to manage their customers, products, logistics, and efficiency. The help from your AI friend can take your business to relatively new heights. Having virtual agent means you can use the assistance from an advanced computer-generated intelligence in taking care of your company’s aims and goals.

Unlike a human agent, an AI virtual agent doesn’t feel any fatigue; it doesn’t fall to boredom. You can use these characteristics of the virtual agent in many ways. You can take help from a virtual agent in managing time-consuming and pesky tasks of your company while the human agents focus on other works.

The Best Virtual Agent Apps Today

As discussed above, virtual agents are used in many companies to manage their various departments. Below are some prime examples. Just read on!

The Gyant Virtual Agent

1. Gyant

It’s one of the best examples of a smart program designed to communicate with people. Gyant is an efficient virtual agent specifically made to be used in the health sector.

Gyant is a chatbot that initiates a conversation with patients and asks them the details about their condition to identify their illness symptoms. The data collected during the conversation is then sent to the doctor.

The doctor can then diagnose the illness and prescribe medication and/or remedies to their condition. This chatbot service is available on many platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and the developers intend to spread it on other platforms as well.

Furthermore, the Virtual Agent is multilingual and can also speak in other languages such as French or Spanish, along with the standard English. According to the brand’s data, around 785,000 people from Latin America completed their prediabetes screening test through Gyant.

The developers also hope to put forward the advantages of this AI in solving the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic problems. They aim to offer Covid-19 pandemic screening tests to patients.

The Glass SPheres outside of Amazon's Seattle Offices, where Alexa was created.

2. Alexa

You probably already have heard of this one. Alexa is the virtual assistant of Amazon – An American E-commerce company owned by Jeff Bezos. Alexa can imitate real conversations. What’s unique is that you can talk with the Amazon Alexa using your voice and can ask her to perform specific tasks.

Alexa utilizes the voice recognition feature granted by cloud-based solutions to communicate with its users. You can use Alexa by using any device which is equipped with voice technology, and then you can convey your commands to Alexa.

3. Louise

Louise is the virtual assistant at eBay. It was developed by a Franco-American developer VirtuOz. He can guide customers to find out what type of product they want and introducing them to them with new products.

One can also take help from him in knowing more about the product by obtaining information from him. Today, eBay has been established in around 40 countries, and Louise takes care of all the interactions between the website and the customers.

Louise acts as an interactive, intuitive, and intelligent method of communication between the brand and the users from all over the world.

A man in a Homemade Robot Suit with a sign saying "Free Robot Hugs."

6 Must-Know Benefits of Using a Virtual Agent

Now let’s look at some benefits of using a Virtual agent for your company.

1. Virtual Agents Help in Automation of Repetitive Tasks

We discussed this before briefly in the above sections. Virtual agents are different from a human agent in the sense that a virtual agent won’t get tired of performing tasks no matter how many tasks there are.

Furthermore, a Virtual agent doesn’t feel any boredom and doesn’t get frustrated with performing the same task again and again. With that said, you can use your Virtual agent to perform many tasks such as registering and upgrading accounts, booking appointments, cancellation of deals, and sorting out transaction lists.

The Virtual agent can easily manage these tasks without fatigue or boredom, and the rest of the human team can focus on other tasks, thus saving you time.

2. With Virtual Agents You Can Enjoy Improved Customer Experience

Customers want an intuitive and interactive way of communicating with companies, and virtual agents are a great way to satisfy their demands. Using a Virtual Agent for Customer Service can dramatically improve the user experience on your website and social media apps. It can help to send the customers quick replies and a more interactive way of sending information back and forth. Implementation of a virtual agent in your company aids you in improving the experience of your customers.

3. Virtual Agents Provide You with 24/7 Customer Service

Another advantage of using a Virtual agent is the ease of availability. The A.I doesn’t get tired and always keeps running and therefore is always there for the customers should they ever ask for assistance from the virtual agent.

The business that operates in different countries and time zones can solve a lot of issues by using a virtual agent as their middle man between the customer and the company. The virtual assistant will be available 24/7 for your customers and help increase the country’s productive capacity.

4. Virtual Agents Help You Generate Leads

Virtual agents are great at initiating conversations with your customers and collect data from them. Virtual agents can be specialized to collect name address, email phone numbers, and save it in an appropriate location.

This saves you time, improves your customer’s experience, and increases your company’s production rate as the agents sort out the lists.

5. Greater Scalability

Virtual agents are incredibly scalable; they save you a lot of money since a virtual assistant doesn’t take money from you for performing the jobs. Virtual agents are easy to deploy at certain domains of your company and can efficiently manage the pesky tasks without costing you a great deal of money or time to hear and/or recruit a human agent.

You can save a lot of money by using a Virtual agent and invest back the saved money into your business and take your productivity to a greater level. When you compare a virtual agent’s costs to a human employee, the former happens to be very cost-effective.

6. Book Keeping

Another issue related to a human employee is that they sometimes procrastinate in the pesky task of keeping a record or sometimes neglecting their duties. Another issue is that the whole task is hectic and time-consuming, and it depletes the business of a great deal of time, which could have been spent at something more valuable. You can leave this pesky task to a Virtual agent, and your human agents can dedicate the rest of their time performing a different, more valuable task.

Bottom Line

Determining what is a virtual agent and what is a chatbot is fairly simple. Virtual Agents are vary advanced chatbots that act as a virtual employee of an organization. Virtual Agent technology is tremendously beneficial for businesses and corporations, and the technology opens new horizons for companies to interact with their customers in an interactive, intuitive, and efficient way.

Virtual Agents offer you the qualities that the human employees cannot and can perform the tasks that are otherwise more time consuming and cost you a lot of human resources and allow you to dedicate your time to other works.

They help you accumulate data from your customers and developers a deeper connection with your customers no matter where they are from or what language they speak.

We hope that the blog was informative; if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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    I found this article absolutely fascinating and really interesting. I have definitely heard of virtual assistants before, but I didn’t know a lot about them. It’s great to learn lot more about them, and how helpful they can be in our lives. Seeing the pictures of the virtual agent outside the shop, that would be so interesting to interact with.

    With where I am with my business at the moment (I’m still starting), I’m not sure that a virtual agent would be beneficial yet. But, I can see myself investing in one in the future when I really need it. They could be very helpful with business tasks so I can focus more on promotion etc.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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    • Tom,

      Glad you found the article interesting. Most small businesses can use a standard chatbot, I’d say Virtual Agents are only necessary when you start dealing with a large number of clients and need the more advanced features.



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