What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

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What is Streamlabs Chatbot? Well, on a basic level, chatbots are AI programs designed to carry out a text or voice conversation. A Streamlabs chatbot is the same thing but is focused on the streaming market.

This technology has been actively used to improve customer service and to study and analyze input from customers. For streamers, or people that live stream content to subscribers, chatbots help them manage their interactions by automating certain functions.

Chatbots are used by a number of companies on messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat, Slack, and others. They are used for business-to-customer service, marketing, sales, and even for internal functions like human resources. Chatbots can be developed like any other software by going through the same design, build, analyze, and debug sequence.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Streamlabs chatbots.

You’ll learn what are Streamlabs chatbots, how to set them up, what are their features, and commands. Get comfortable no matter where you are because it’s going to be a long post.

What is Streamlabs Chatbot? It's a chatbot designed for livestreaming, for example, here is a Twitch event is being livestreamed with Streamlabs Chatbot.

But What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

Like all other types of chatbots, a Streamlabs chatbot’s purpose is to interact with the users. But what sets it apart from the rest is that it’s specifically made for Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

Basically, Streamlabs chatbot is a program developed to help stars, social media celebrities, and streaming channel hosts interact with their fans, customers, or viewers. It works for Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and other video hosting and live streaming websites. It entertains viewers’ comments and other responses and acts as a moderator too. It is also used by people who stream games live. They can concentrate on the game itself, and Streamlabs chatbot can take care of the audience. In other words, it allows the streamers to interact with the viewers while streaming games, informational video, etc. This is just a vague explanation of the Streamline chatbot. Below, we’ve explained its features in-detail.

Using a Streamlabs Chatbot

To use Streamlabs chatbot, the first thing you need to do is to create a new YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer streamer account. Next, you need to sign up and create a custom bot for your use, then you’ll be required to generate an authorization token from your streamer account on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. This token will then be used to bind the two accounts together.

If you want to use the Streamlabs extension, you’ll need to use the same authorization token, just copy it, and paste it to Streamlabs extension to link it to your streamer account.

After the chatbot has been linked to your account, you can add an editor or a moderator, who will be able to manage the chatbot.

Remember, the data displayed on the live stream by the bot is stored in the installation directory of the bot in the form of text files, and you can access it from there if you need it.

Elements and Features of Streamlabs Chatbot

The main features of Streamlabs chatbot that are useful for streamers include Dashboard, commands, timers, quotes, extra quotes, counter, give away, sound files, currency, betting, poll, mini-games, heist, events, song request, and many others that you can create or modify as you want.

The Discord tab offers the account handler to schedule specific activities for preplanned time using the timer option. The chatbot can then assign tasks to the team and announces when the streamer goes live.

Another important part of the chatbot interface is the usage tab. It is where you can set how and where the commands can be utilized.

Now that we’ve laid out the basics, let’s talk more about some of the features of the Streamlabs Chatbots.

  1. Console: This feature has multiple purposes. It allows you to monitor the comment section and check how many people are viewing your stream. Plus, it notifies you whenever someone likes, dislikes, subscribes, unsubscribes, etc, and your playlist shows up in this section.
  2. Dashboard: The dashboard is the place where you can change the game, video, title, channel, and community. Automated hosting and Rapid Assist are also available in the dashboard.
  3. Subscribers: As you can tell by reading the name, this section includes the list of people and channels that are subscribing to you. You can also know when they subscribed to your channel (date and time) and whether they unsubscribed and subscribed again.
  4. Commands: This feature allows you to control the chatbot. There are tons of commands and you can choose the ones that’ll help you get the most value out of the chatbot.
  5. Timers: This is another awesome feature that helps you automate stuff. What it does is it makes your posts go online periodically. Let’s say you’ve got a piece of text that you’ve got to post daily. You can set the time for that post and Streamlabs chat bot will post it regularly.
  6. Giveaway: As you can tell by the name of this feature, it allows you to give free stuff for promotional purposes. The cool thing about this feature is that you can give the goods to everyone or a specific group. You can create the giveaway for everyone, subscribers, regulars, and Game wisp Subscriber.
  7. Songrequest: This one allows you to change the song so you can play one that your viewers want to listen to. The good thing about this feature is that you don’t have to come to the Songrequest section to change the song. You can change or play the song from the Console section. The good thing about it is that you can select the song you want to play without leaving the chat. Streamlabs created a different section for this feature because they wanted to highlight it.
  8. SFX. You can add cool sound effects to enhance the user experience. You can select the SFX option for a specific group of people and for specific action. For example, a moderator should hear Coffee Pouring whenever they log-in to their account.
  9. Queue: This one is useful for gamers. Let’s say you’re playing Mount&Blade Warband PW (persistent world) and you want to go to war or on a raid. You want the players near you to join you on your conquest, and you want them to stand in formation.

    All you have to do is give the queue command and everyone near you will be notified about the conquest and those who want to join will join and form the queue. You can also set a cost for entering your conquest and a max queue size.

  10. Currency: You can name your currency whatever you want. Currency represents the points, and every time you use a command a few points will be deducted. For example, if you play a song you must spend 150 points. On average, you can earn 150 points per hour of stream.
  11. Betting: This feature can help take the engagement to the next level. Your users can make a bet with each other or you on anything. If you play video games and take part in a tournament, you can make a bet with your viewers that you’ll reach the top 10. If you lose, you’ll pay the users and if you win, they’ll pay you.

    No matter the result, it’s a good way to increase the user engagement.

  12. Poll: This one increases the engagement levels, but it can also help you get more insights about your viewers. You can ask the viewers what’s the next video that’d like you to make. You can give them 3 to 4 options and then make the video about the option that wins the poll.
  13. Media Share: Media Share allows viewers and moderators to share videos, images, and GIFs in the chat section. This feature is also quite helpful for increasing engagement.
  14. Chat Alerts: This one is also a pretty cool feature. When the chat alerts are turned on viewers and moderators get notified when they subscribe, unsubscribe, like or dislike anything.

    Fans like being aware of when people they follow are streaming and appreciate this feature.

  15. Loyalty Store: You can create your own store and include stuff that your viewers want to buy. You can add sound effect, access codes, and some other perks in the store. Your subscribers can purchase these perks, buy using the points they’ve earned by watching the videos. This one is pure business.

Setting Up Streamlabs Chatbot

Now that we’ve covered the main features and elements of the Streamlabs Chatbots, let’s talk about how to set it up. As we’ve mentioned earlier in the post Streamlabs Chatbots can be connected on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. The process for connecting the chatbot is different for each platform, and we’ve explained all 3 processes.

Using Streamlabs Chatbot with Twitch

Step1. Login to your Twitch account. Then create a new account for your chatbot and login to that one as well.

Step2. Open your Streamlabs account and find the Connection Tab. It’s located at the bottom left of the screen. Click on it and open the Connection Windows, then find the Streamlabs button and click on it.

Step3. Click on the “Generate Token” button. The Authorization page will open click “approve” to authorize.

Step4. Click on the Connect button.

Step5. This is the last step on the list. Go to Settings > General > Show Chatbot Tab on Donation Page and enable it.

If you use the chatbot with Twitch, the commands will be a little different. On Twitch, the program works by duplicating the API queries to Twitch chat. There is, however, a certain level of flexibility. Some of the commands add features that you can regulate and tune for your own use. These include factoring in the time zone of your audience, follow count, follower dates, directions, timers, games, currency, mini-games, polls, events, and other data. Moreover, this data can be arranged in ascending, descending, or any other custom order of your choice.

There are also options to assign game-specific and API commands. You can even create new commands that you can then use to interact with the chatbot or with your audience via the chatbot.

Using Streamlabs Chatbot with YouTube

Step1. Go to YouTube.

Step2. Create an account for a bot.

Step3. Login to your other account as well.

Step4. Open your Streamlabs Chatbot menu.

Step5. Go to the Connection tab on the bottom left of the screen.

Step6. Click on the Streaming Services (it’s at the bottom).

Step7. Below the grey Streaming Services text there will be a box with the drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow and select YouTube.

Step8. Press Restart (it’s the large greenish-blue button). A pop-up will appear asking, “Are you sure you want to change Streaming Services and Restart?” click Yes.

Step9. Once the Streamlabs app restarts, go to the connection tab again. Click on the YouTube Streamer and connect your YouTube account. Also, connect the YouTube bot account.

That’s it! You’ve successfully connected the Streamlabs Chatbots with your YouTube account.

Using Streamlabs Chatbot with Mixer

Step1. Go to Mixer.com and create a new account for your bot.

Step2. Open both accounts (your bot’s account and yours).

Step3. Open the Connection windows (it’s at the bottom left of the screen).

Step4. Go to the Streaming Services section at the bottom.

Step5. Click on the drop-down menu and select Mixer.

Step6. Click the big Reset button and enter Yes.

Step7. Once the app restarts, go to Mixer Streamer and then click the Generate Token button.

Step8. Sign-in with your Mixer streaming account and press the Connect button. Make sure you don’t login with your Mixer bot account.

Step9. Finally, go to the Mixer Bot section and repeat the process (this time sign in with your Bot account and click on the Blue-Greenish Connect button.

You’ve successfully connected your Streamlabs Chatbot with your Mixer.

A gamer live streaming with a Streamlabs chatbot to his fans on Twitch

Streamlabs Chatbot Commands

Now that you’re familiar with Streamlabs chat bots’ features and setup process, let’s talk about the commands.

For those of you who’re new and not familiar with the Response section, it’s the area where you type the script. Below we’ve written the script of the command next to the word Response.

Also, plenty of features have optional parameters. These are the commands that you can use to modify the feature.

Twitch API Commands

1. Follow Age

Benefit: You can check when a user followed your channel.There are two scripts for this feature. The 1st one will tell you year and month and the 2nd one (optional parameter) will tell you date, hour, country, and city as well.

Response: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/followage/CHANNEL/FOLLOWER)

Optional Parameter Response: $user has been following the channel for $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/followage/crunchprank/$user?precision=3).


Benefit: You can find out the name of all the followers of any channel, and you can tell the name of the new followers of your channel to everybody else on your channel.

There are three optional Parameters for this feature.

offset: The number of followers you can offset from the beginning of the object.

num: Give each follower a number – It works from ascending to descending order.

direction: Set the direction for the followers’ list. Ascending means oldest and Descending means the most recent.

Below, we’ve written the main script of the feature and given an example of the optional parameter.

Response: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/followers/CHANNEL)

Optional Parameter Response: Everyone welcome the 4 newest

members of our community $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/followers/crunchprank?count=4&direction=descending).

Result: Everyone welcome the 4 newest members of our community: jacktheslayer, mariothephanzie, mrloonytunes, and hafþór-björnsson.

3. Account Creation

Benefit: You can find out the date and time of when an account was created. There is only one optional parameter for this account.

tz: This query will produce the output in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Response: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/creation/USER).

Optional Parameter Response: The account for $user was created on $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/creation/$user?tz=England/London)

Result: The account for TMT was created on June, 19, 2012 – 10:05:08 AM (England/London).

Other Service API Command

1. Twitter – Latest Tweets

Benefit: Gives you the latest tweets of a specific user.

There are 5 optional parameters for this feature.

no_rts: The command won’t retrieve the retweets.

inlcude_replies: This command will retrieve replies of the user to other users.

search: Bot will go through the 200 recent tweets and retrieve only the ones that matched with the specified string. If there is no string specified then this command will retrieve all 200 tweets.

shorten: It shortens the URL of all tweets.

howlong: Tells the exact time (down to seconds) when the tweet was posted.

Response: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitter/latest/USERNAME)

Optional Parameter Response: Retweet my latest tweet: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twtter/latest/crunchprank?url).

Result: The latest tweet from crunchprank will display on your screen.

2. YouTube – Video ID

Benefit: Searches the YouTube engine with a target to find videos with specific strings. When the result comes, you’ll only see videos that have the string you entered.

There is only one optional parameter for this feature.

show_url: Add the right strings, digits, letters before the video ID to make it a proper URL.

Response: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/youtube/videoid?search=TERM)

Quickstart Commands

Executing these commands is a tiny bit different from the ones mentioned above. You have to type the script in the response section, but you also have to type the name of a command in the command section, plus you’ve to put an exclamation mark before the name.

1. Stats

Benefit: It displays the main information related to the stream. Name of the game, number of viewers, uptime and status.

Command: !stats

Response: Game: $mygame | Title: $mystatus | Uptime: $uptime | Viewers: $readapi (https://api.crunchprank.net/twitch/viewercount/$mychannel)

2. Top 5 Points

Benefit: Retrieves the name of 5 users with highest points/currency.

Command: !top5points

Response: The top 5 users based on points: $toppoints (5)

Tuning the Streamlabs Chatbot to Meet Your Needs

Streamlabs chatbots are highly customizable and they are simple enough that anyone can adjust them. When you start fine-tuning it to meet your needs, you need to keep in mind what you want from the chatbot and what your purpose is in deploying it.

Think of what kind of behavior you need your chatbot to exhibit and how you want it to interact with your viewers. You also need to be sure to consider what and how much authority you give your chatbot, in other words, what it can do on its own without asking for your permission.

Make your own streaming website with Streamlabs

Benefits of Using Streamlabs Chatbot

There are a lot of benefits of using Streamlabs chatbot for the streamers as well as the stream community. The most important ones include the ability to use customized emoticons in chat rooms, the chance to create a regular source of income, and the option to create chat rooms exclusively for the subscribers. In this way, the content creators and streamers can hold dedicated competitions and offer specialized rewards for their loyal fans.

In a broader picture, chatbots can reply to messages, send money to people, and schedule business meetings, eliminating a lot of overhead costs of the business.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming more and more important for business as they are a cost-effective alternative to manpower. They can take care of repetitive tasks and can entertain multiple requests at once, generating better results than humans in some cases. It has been found in a recent study that businesses are adopting chatbots because of productivity, curiosity, entertainment, and social and relational factors. Chatbots are good for improving the level of service for the customers, streamlining the shopping process, personalizing communication, and automating recurring tasks.

Streamlabs also has a service that lets you build a website created specifically for live streaming.

The Final Verdict

Chatbots are already helping us in almost all fields of life, and streaming is one of the areas where they fit truly well. Streamlabs is a chatbot service that provides highly customizable chatbots that you can use to make live streaming easier and more interactive. The great thing about this chatbot is that you can build it from scratch and configure it to have exactly the set of features you want.

If anything was unclear, let us know in the comments section. We’d love to help you out.

I would love to hear what you think about Streamlabs and their products below.
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