What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

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Chatbots, on a basic level, are AI programs designed to carry out a text or voice conversation. A Streamlabs chatbot is the same but focuses on the streaming market.

This technology has been actively used to improve customer service and to study and analyze input from customers. For streamers, or people that live stream content to subscribers, chatbots help them manage their interactions by automating certain functions.

Chatbots are used by a number of companies on messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, We Chat, Slack, and others. They are used for business-to-customer service, marketing, sales, and even for internal functions like human resources. Chatbots can be developed like any other software by going through the same design, build, analyze, and debug sequence.

A Twitch event being livestreamed

But What is Streamlabs Chatbot?

Streamlabs chatbot is a program developed to help stars, social media celebrities, and streaming channel hosts interact with their fans, customers, or viewers. It works for Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, and other video hosting and live streaming websites. It entertains viewers’ comments and other responses and acts as a moderator too. It is also used by people who stream games live. They can concentrate on the game itself, and Streamlabs chatbot can take care of the audience.

In order to use Streamlabs chatbot, you need to sign up and create a custom bot for your use. After the bot has been created, you need to link it to your YouTube or Twitch account. It is done by generating a token and authorizing it. After the chatbot has been linked to your account, you can add an editor or a moderator, who will be able to add and access all the commands to your channel or game. The commands generally contain the following:

  • Uptime
  • Stats
  • Time
  • Date
  • Top 5 Points
  • Top 5 Hours
  • Follower count, Follower date, and Follower length
  • Account creation
  • Retweets
  • Hosting
  • Shoutouts
  • BTTV Emotes
  • Opportunity to give points
  • Current and next song with details

If you use the chatbot with Twitch, the commands would be a little different. On Twitch, the program works by duplicating the API queries to Twitch chat. There is, however, a certain level of flexibility. Some of the commands add features that you can regulate and tune for your own use. These include factoring in the time zone of your audience, follow count, follower dates, directions, timers, games, currency, mini-games, polls, events, and other data. Moreover, this data can be arranged in ascending, descending, or any other custom order of your choice.

There are also options to assign game-specific and API commands. You can even create new commands that you can then use to interact with the chatbot or with your audience via the chatbot.

A gamer live streaming with a Streamlabs chatbot to his fans on Twitch
How to Start Using Streamlabs

To use Streamlabs chatbot, the first thing you need to do is to create a new YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer streamer account. Next, you’ll have to create a bot account, and then you’ll be required to generate an authorization token from your streamer account on YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer. This token will then be used to bind the two accounts together. If you want to use the Streamlabs extension, you’ll need to generate the same authorization token, copy it, and paste it to Streamlabs extension to link it to your streamer account.

The data displayed on the live stream by the bot is stored in the installation directory of the bot in the form of text files, and you can access it from there if you need it.

Features of Streamlabs Chatbot

The main features of Streamlabs chatbot that are very useful for streamers include Dashboard, commands, timers, quotes, extra quotes, counter, give away, sound files, currency, betting, poll, mini-games, heist, events, song request, and many others that you can create or modify as you want.

The Discord tab offers the account handler to schedule specific activities for preplanned time using the timer option. The chatbot can then assign tasks to the team and announces when the streamer goes live.

Another important part of the chatbot interface is the usage tab. It is where you can set how and where the commands can be utilized.

Tuning Chatbot to match Your Requirements

Streamlabs chatbots are highly customizable and they are simple enough that anyone can adjust them. So when you acquire the bot and start fine-tuning it to meet your needs, you need to keep in mind what you want from the chatbot and what your purpose is in deploying it.

Think of what kind of behavior you need your chatbot to exhibit and how you want it to interact with your viewers. You also need to be sure to consider what and how much authority you give your chatbot, in other words, what it can do on its own without asking for your permission.

This might seem to be a long process, but creating your bot from the very basics will give you a level of service no other can offer.

Make your own streaming website with Streamlabs

Benefits of Using Streamlabs Chatbot

There are a lot of benefits of using Streamlabs chatbot for the streamers as well as the stream community. The most important ones include the ability to use customized emoticons in chat rooms, the chance to create a regular source of income, and the option to create chat rooms exclusively for the subscribers. In this way, the content creators and streamers can hold dedicated competitions and offer specialized rewards for their loyal fans.

In a broader picture, chatbots can reply to messages, send money to people, and schedule business meetings, eliminating a lot of overhead costs of the business.

Chatbots are increasingly becoming more and more important for business as they are a cost-effective alternative to manpower. They can take care of repetitive tasks and can entertain multiple requests at once, generating better results than humans in some cases. It has been found in a recent study that businesses are adopting chatbots because of productivity, curiosity, entertainment, and social and relational factors. Chatbots are good for improving the level of service for the customers, streamlining the shopping process, personalizing communication, and automating recurring tasks.

Streamlabs also has a service that lets you build a website created specifically for live streaming.

The Final Verdict

Chatbots are already helping us in almost all fields of life. Streamlabs is a chatbot service that provides highly customizable chatbots that you can use to make live streaming easier and more interactive. The great thing about this chatbot is that you can build it from scratch and configure it to have exactly the set of features you want.

I would love to hear what you think about Streamlabs and their products below. Leave me a comment!

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  1. It’s interesting to see a bit more in to the tech world and how these bots work as I am someone who knows a little about lots in the tech universe and it’s good to see a bit deeper into chatbots.

    Recently I had a pretty good experience with a chatbot that actually helped me locate product information that wasn’t on the current page, so this article is very interesting looking further into how they did that and why chatbots work.

    All the best and have a great day!


    • Jonathan,

      Thanks for the comment. Your experience with chatbots is typical these days. More companies are using chatbots for marketing and to replace or supplement the FAQ on their website. As the AI improves and learns from the interactions they have, the chatbots can really excel at their tasks.



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