What is the Definition of a Chatbot

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Thanks to the rising technology, we now have tools that have made the interaction between humans and computers more easily invented. They are known as the Chatbots or Virtual Assistants. These tools have become the newest developments in the banking sectors and other companies to ensure that there is an easy interaction between humans and computers.

These tools are becoming crucial for the automation of customer service. In this article, we will discuss the definition of a chatbot.

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What is the Definition of a Chatbot?

So, what is a chatbot definition? Well, the definition of a chatbot is simple, it is a robot, or bot that chats. A chatbot is basically an AI-based computer program that has simplified human conversations. Many people refer them to digital assistants because they understand human capabilities. The bots interpret and process the requests that users are seeking and give quick answers.

Chatbots can communicate through voice or texts and are integrated across various websites, applications, and messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or even WhatsApp.

For easy understanding, we can define them as the computer programs that impersonate the humans’ conversations in its natural format that may include the text or artificial intelligence (AI) styles like the NLP and the audio analysis.

Dynamic is one of the main aspects of AI-based bots. This bot tends to learn from previous interactions and develop an intelligent nature that will enable them to create a smart nature that will help them handle very complex conversations.

How Chatbots Work

NLP and Machine Learning are the leading technologies that are behind the Chatbots. When a user raises a question to the Chatbot, a complex algorithm will process the input received and understand the question and come up with a suitable answer to the question.

They majorly rely on algorithms to detect the complexity of both the text and the spoken words. We have Chatbots who perform incredibly well to confuse people, whether machines or human beings answer the questions.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult handling a complex conversation that involves the use of numerous figures of speech this will be very tough for these machines to understand.

What is a chatbot definition? A chatbot developer holding a note that simply says A.I.

Types of Chatbots

Chatbots are grouped into two main categories, these are;

Rule-Based Chatbots

This type of Chatbots follows a set of rules. The majority of the simple applications have rule-based Chatbots that respond to the questions based on the rules they are trained on. They however, are not able to hold any complex conversation. They only do what they were programmed to perform unless the developer does some more developments.

Machine Learning Based or AI Chatbots

These Chatbots can hold any complex conversation since they are based on machine learning and will try to process the question to understand what it means. The previous conversations help it learn from them and answer very complex questions in the future.

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The Applications of Chatbots

The more developed Chatbots will make your life very interesting and easy. Companies have adopted the use of Chatbots in order to improve the processes of the business and customer experience. They also serve people on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, those used on Facebook are very easy to develop and use as they do not require too much coding. The following are some of the applications of the Chatbots

Online Shopping

You may encounter several problems when shopping online such as finding the relevant products you are searching for. It will take your time even if the thing you are looking for is specific. Businesses have introduced the use of Chatbots to simplify the experience. They will help customers to find the best deals which are available.

Customers will use the text, voice, or even images to tell the bot about what they are seeking. The bots operate the Natural Language Understanding and the computer vision to enable the users to express their needs and come up with the results according to customer’s demands.

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Healthcare Support

Chatbots have been used in the health care department. For example, the University of California, Los Angeles, made a virtual radiologist that has been providing support for clinical decisions. The bot also gives the doctor the ability to communicate the necessary information to the patient with the overview of the radiology treatment or ensure that they familiarize themselves with the next steps in the treatment plan.

Learn more about Using Chatbots for Healthcare. 

Customer Relationship Management or CRM

When you use the Chatbots in the CRM will be of much help as you can handle all the tough tasks and permits the users to deal with

The IBM Watson system.

Tools used in developing the Chatbots

We have platforms used for the Chatbot developments and others used for the Chatbot publishing. The following are the Chatbots development platforms.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is one of the most used platform for the development of AI Chatbots. Its main advantage is its ability to serve various verticals and manage complex interactions. Ensure \that you commence gathering what is needed to understand the scenarios needed to be addressed by the bot.

Learn more about IBM Watson.

Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Microsoft Azure gives the developers an SDK and the portal with the connector service, which will permit the developers to link to any social media platform. They will also help in debugging the bot and offers a large selection of the sample bots that can act as the bot’s building blocks.

Semantic Machines

Semantic Machines, recently acquired by Microsoft, focuses on the development of the next generation, AI-based Chatbots. The semantic machines’ traits comprised the conversation engine, deep learning, speech recognition, and many more. The developers will assist in making the bots that are very intelligent and interactive.

An image representing Facebook Messenger.

Areas that Chatbots have been deployed

Chatbots are on almost every marketing and communications platform you can imagine, but there are a few where they have proven themselves incredibly capable, these include:

Facebook Messenger

Chatbots have been made to reach a wider audience since Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform with over 1 billion users.


Businesses mainly use this for internal communication with the customers.

Other platforms are Facebook workplace, Skype for business, and Kik.

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In Conclusion

So, what is a chatbot definition? I think we can safely say that the definition of a chatbot has expanded from a robot or bot that chats to a piece of communication software that can help with a multitude of tasks. The introduction of Chatbots has simplified communication between the business and its customers. It has simplified the communication process. In this article, we have vividly covered all you need to know about Chatbots.

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