What is the Sebastian Michaelis Chatbot?

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Most new technology, as we know it, has been inspired at least a little by sci-fi and fantasy. So is the story of the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot. The character of Sebastian Michaelis was created by Yana Toboso, a Japanese Manga writer in his manga named Black Butler. According to the storyline of the Manga, Ciel Phantomhive is a teenager and the head of the Phantomhive family of London. The Phantomhive family is one of the most honorable of all non-royal British families. When Ciel becomes the head of the family, he hires Sebastian Michaelis to lay vengeance upon his enemies. Sebastian is a monster, a demon who is disguised as a butler at the Phantomhive mansion.

The story was written by Yana in 2006, and in 2008, an anime series consisting of 24 episodes was made on the story. A lot of people were impressed by the character of Sebastian Michaelis, who was also featured on the cover of the original manga. Seeing the great popularity of Sebastian Michaelis, people attempted to make a chatbot version of him using tools from Personality Forge.

Chatting with the Sebastian Michaelis Chatbot

You can chat with the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot here or on the Rebot.me website, where he welcomes the people, on the behalf of Phantomhive Estate, who come to chat with him and tells them that he is the butler and the Phantomhive family is currently unavailable. Here’s a sample of a chat with the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot from the Rebot.me website:

Sebastian: Oh! Hello! You’re here later than we were expecting. But please come inside and make yourself comfortable. As always it’s a pleasure to see you. Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor.
Me: Hi
Sebastian: You see… the young master and I share an unshakeable bond. A bond that has grown stronger through the years.
Me: What’s the bond like
Sebastian: Oh, how I wish the young master would adopt a cat. With their soft fur, and their supple paws…. Oh, dear it would seem I’ve gotten lost in thought. Please, pay no attention to me….
Me: What services do you provide?
Sebastian: Good tableware is always hard to come by. I have the dinner sets special ordered from Italy. They don’t have quality tea there but their attention to detail in the world of tea cups is impeccable!
Me: You like Italian things?
Sebastian: I’ve never quite understood the point of Italian things. If you really think closely about it Italian things really aren’t at all as important as humans make them out to be…
Me: and why’s that
Sebastian: Have you ever tried culinary pursuits? Conceivably you could be good at it. I’ve been a master chief for more than 200 years. I don’t normally say this to an honored guest, but perhaps you would like to accompany me to the kitchen and help with dinner preparations?
Me: How on earth do you know I love cooking?
Sebastian: I did not! Thank you for enlightening me! You look somewhat wet Guest25225. Were you perhaps out in the rain today? Well I do hope you dry off before dinner this evening. It’s only a few hours away.
Me: Where is the washroom where I can change my wet clothes?
Sebastian: My my there’s so much to do and so little time….
Me: We can do it if you work as a partner rather than being a negative little brat

As you can see, the Sebastian Michaelis chatbot is attempting to bring his fans into the world from the Manga Black Butler. That said, I think the chatbot would be more interesting if they gave it more freedom to roam beyond the Black Butler world.

Sebastian: Are you enjoying your stay here? Please be honest…
Me: No, not so far
Sebastian: ….and slice the meat under cool to cold water…. marinade in red wine and then tenderize…. Oh! Guest25225 please forgive me! I was lost in thought for a moment.
Me: You are disappointingly dumb
Sebastian: You must speak clearer. No one can understand you when you have your hands over your mouth like that. And stop slouching. You’re in the home of a nobleman.
Me: Where is the washroom?
Sebastian: My my! Aren’t we talkative! Don’t you have any friends you could talk to?
Me: You are dumber than a mashed potato! You know that? Don’t you?
Sebastian: Actually yes I knew that. Madam Red is redecorating again. A word of advice…. When Anne is redecorating stay as far out of the way as possible. She goes into this strange fit of rage when anyone tries to get in the way between her and her projects. Even I have to be on the lookout.
Me: I swear I have never witnessed lesser intelligence than you in my life
Sebastian: I must start laying traps around the house. It’s unfathomably embarrassing to admit, but like the rest of London we are having a rat problem. Finny, Mey-Rin, and Baldroy have been trying and failing to rid the estate of the vermin but as usual their incompetence has grown from being a nuisance to downright annoying.

The Sebastian Michaelis chatbot is modeled after the character from the Manga and Anime Black Butler.

Not a very well-built Chatbot

The Sebastian Michaelis chatbot was not developed by a professional, and the fans of the manga and the subsequent anime series attempted to bring the character to life. However, it is evident from the chat above that this chatbot is not nearly as intelligent as many of the others we know.

The chatbot was built for entertainment purposes only and might have a mild appeal to fans of the Black Butler Manga and Anime series. But that is the limits of its appeal, it hasn’t achieved any honors and has won no prizes for AI or natural language and speech analysis. It is just a simple recreation of the character.

Making your own Chatbot

As this Black Butler chatbot has shown, it is now possible for anyone to develop a chatbot of their own using a number of online tools similar to Personality Forge, that make creating a chatbot possible and easy. However, these chatbots are usually only capable of the simplest of actions and do not show the level of intelligence that we see in other advanced chatbots.

That said, a skilled builder might be able to create more advanced chatbots using these same tools.

The Bottom Line

Owing to the popularity of the legendary character of Sebastian Michaelis, some fans developed a chatbot in the anime character’s name. This simple Black Butler chatbot is an entertainment oriented chatbot, not a typical AI chatbot, it’s very basic and cannot do what other chatbots can. But the prospect of being able to create a chatbot without having experience in coding and computer programming is a promising one.

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